Waiting for surgery (on my own)

So, I think I’m gonna go out on a limb here and get surgery done with my own insurance rather than wait for worker’s comp… (both Kaiser)

Basically, I re-ruptured on Oct 24. Couldn’t see workers comp or foot Dr. until day 2. They ordered an MRI which had to be approved. MRI people called on afternoon of day 6. First available MRI was on day 9. Drs. needed MRI make recommendation for surgery, which will then need to be approved. That most likely occurs on day 9/10, which is followed by the weekend. Once approved, Dr. can then schedule surgery, which may not occur until day 13 at the very earliest, potentially closer to 14/15, and then having to wait for an open surgery date (usually a few more days). This all is potentially  placing  me at risk of not getting surgery due to being too far out  from the injury date.

So, I found another Dr. who fit me in today. Said I’m a good candidate for surgery and is going to get a surgery date early next week. Only downside is, he uses conservative treatment after surgery. I’m gonna have to see if I can get him to let me go the early weight weight bearing (EWB) route!

Oughta be an interesting fight with worker’s comp…

Anyone on here have any re-rupture surgical/non-surgical repair insights? Should I buy a VacoCast? If so, why?

Now to wait for the surgery date… :)

Podiatry and Worker’s Comp Dr. appts

So, I had my appointments yesterday and they went well.

Podiatry/Ortho surgeon doc said I need surgery, but this new rupture is kind of high, and he wants an MRI first to be able to take a look., so he has a better idea of how to try to fix it.

Worker’s comp doc was also very friendly and open, agreed with podiatry doc and requested the MRI and surgery. Now I have to wait to see if Worker’s Comp approves it… Hooefully it’s soon, because the podiatry guy says it’s better when done soon after the incident. Last time, I got to a doc 15 days after the team, and he said they don’t do surgery more than 14 days out. So if today is day 3, then I’ve got 11 more to go to get this approved and in. Fingers crossed!

Achilles Rupture #2

Hi everyone!

Background:(35 year old female, prior college athlete (soccer), now trying to keep myself entertained with crossfit, tennis, running and occasionally cycling  )

17 weeks ago today, I tore my left Achilles playing soccer.  Was having a great game, and had never had any prior Achilles issues or pain. About 45 minutes in, I went to accelerate forward, and heard a weird, super loud snap and fell forward. As I tried to figure out why I was on the ground, the pain started in. Oh man, it was bad. It felt like the back of my leg exploded.  I rolled around on the ground 3-5 minutes until the pain subsided and I could see straight again.  I began to realize I’d probably snapped my Achilles and knew it was bad

My my wife had to carry me to the car to go to the ER. As I left the field, people behind me in stands said they’d heard it snap. (Gross!!)

ER doc said it was 95% torn and there were a few fibers barely hanging in there.  I live and work in N. California and have Kaiser, who sends you to a podiatrist for this issue.  Podiatrist said he wanted to put me in a  hard plantarflexion (toes pointed) cast and boot for 12 weeks. I about crapped myself! No running around for 12 weeks? That’s like my hell.  Podiatrist was adamant about non-surgical intervention, even when I asked about my active lifestyle and job (I’m a police officer).  I went for aggressive rehabilitation, managed to get out of the boot at 7 weeks, and back to most activities (jogging 1.5 miles, but no sprinting or explosive movements) at 16 weeks.

17 weeks in, I’m back at work, and go to jog to my motorcycle to get to a nearby call for a suspicious vehicle that may have been responsible for a ton of vehicle break-ins nearby.  I hear and feel a pop in my left Achilles. Instantly, I knew what happened. Not nearly as much pain or swelling this time. I finished the call and then rode home to ice.  This was on Oct 25th.

So now I’m back at square one. In a cast, waiting to see the Occupational Health and Podiatry doctors tomorrow to see what they recommend this time. I think I’m gonna try to push harder for the surgery, since it seems to be better for those with active lifestyles.  Also of note, I was on fluroquinone antibiotics for a week, one week before the re-rupture.

It’s quite depressing thinking that I have to go through all this again, but am hoping by that blogging about it will help with the hard times. Guess it’s time to get good at hopping again!


Hello world!

Hi fellow Achilles peeps,


35 year old female. Active.  In decent shape.  Tore my Achilles 17 weeks ago on June 28th playing soccer. (non-surgical treatment, even though I wanted surgery, podiatrist said no).

Re-tore it again yesterday while jogging to a work call.

So, like the Whitesnake song, “Here I go Again…”

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