First Post-Op Appt - Boot & PT

Posted on October 11, 2010.

Had my first post-op appointment today - yeah! Everything looked good and I got my boot, which I am very excited about :) I’ll be in the boot for another 4 weeks, NWB, but I can start physical therapy this week. My doc wants me to start with passive stretches, ROM, etc. which I think is great. He said at the next appt. he’s going to essentially “take the crutches away” - meaning, he wants me to start walking - starting PWB and then moving as I feel comfortable to FWB. I noticed a look of panic on my face and said it really would be at my pace - he has some patients that transition quickly and others that take more time. Yikes. At that point, we’ll start more strenuous physical therapy and strengthening exercised.

I feel much more comfortable in the boot - I think its a psychological thing - went into work after my appt. and they working with me to rearrange it so I can elevate as needed and I’ll go back in tomorrow! Yeah for re-entry into the world again! I was REALLY conservative over the past 2 weeks and didn’t leave the house - so today was also my first official day out - woo hoo! While I’m bummed that I’m NWB for another 4 weeks its nice to know that I can begin the count-down :)

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