A 2 footed shower!

OK - so I take joys in the simple things in life My doc said I could shower on 2 feet if I wore a croc with a heel lift on my right foot. My foot/ankle/leg finally felt strong enough last night so I abandoned our guest bath/shower with the grab bars [...]

Ahhh …. got to do some cardio today!

I had my hubby drop me off at 24 hour fitness so I could get in some cardio. Did two 500m intervals on the rower. Had to rest my right leg periodically since it was sticking out to the side, holding my right foot off the ground, while my left leg was strapped [...]

3.5 weeks postop

Saw the doc today and get to do some ROM exercises. Just simple up/down and side to side movements - but anything is better than just keeping the foot in the boot all the time! Found out another difference between Haglunds Deformity surgery and straight ATR. Often in Haglunds (and [...]

1-footed Exercise!

So I was doing my own little exercise routine but decided to use google to find more things to do. So I searched for non weight-bearing exercise after foot surgery and found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxNyo1yRh60
I’ll have to check with my doc to see if I can bike yet and I know I [...]