2 shoes!

Today was the day I can wear 2 shoes again - but just for 3.5 hours So I started off by keeping my shoes on after driving home from exercising. At first I stepped very gingerly - not because anything hurts - things just don’t feel stable. Probably because I haven’t [...]

Das Boot!

I think the cast dept at Kaiser is tired of seeing me - LOL! They knew I would probably be back in on Friday for another cast redo so between them and the nurse I saw on Monday they convinced my doc to get me into the boot today. We [...]

First 2 weeks

So I’ll start by saying I didn’t have ATR.  Rather my achilles was cut and reattached in order to remove a LARGE bone spur/growth that was behind it.  Here are the happenings and pictures from the first 2 weeks.
I’ve spent most of my time laying around with my foot elevated since I had surgery on [...]