Got the OK to SLOWLY add in new activities

I emailed my doc to find out what I could/couldn’t do now. I can go back to my weight lifting class and can do my HIIT class in the LOW impact mode. The main 2 stress activities I’m going to try for the next 3 weeks are dribbling the soccer ball as I [...]

Finally get to start running … slowly :)

Yesterday was my first try at running again. For the next month I alternate running for 15 minutes max one day with walking for 1/2 hour the next day. The first time out I ran for maybe 6 minutes, alternating running and walking as my foot and lung capacity could handle it. [...]

Another ortho visit (1 year + 3 weeks)

So I saw my doc today and he said I could s l o w l y ramp up to running. I get to start by adding 15-20 of exercise walking every other day to my exercise regimen. I do that for 3 weeks. Then for another 3 weeks I can do [...]

Just passed the one year mark!

My one year mark was 8/17. My achilles is fine as far as I know but I’m dealing with bone issues. I have no idea why but my heel bone was inflamed and I’m trying to get it to calm down still. When it’s bugging me I go back into my boot [...]

Still have an inflamed heel bone

Saw my doc for a follow up on my heel.  He showed me the MRI and the heel bone definitely does not look like the surrounding bone.  In one view good bone shows as black, but my heel bone shows as white due to the inflammation.  I still have pain from relatively low impact activities [...]

PT visit

I saw my PT today for my shoulder problems and we discussed my foot.  He checked the MRI results and said the marrow and the bursa area of the bone are both inflamed.  He emphasized, again, that if things are hurting BACK OFF!!!  So I’m taking his advice to heart and won’t be going to [...]

In France for the Women’s World Cup

After 10 days in France we’re heading back home.  We were there to watch 5 World Cup games - 3 from the group stage and the semifinals.  We saw the US play France and England.  Those were great games.  The semifinal between Sweden and the Netherlands was pretty boring.  I averaged about 6 miles a [...]

Back in a boot at 44 weeks after surgery

The pain I got at my first soccer game had my doc a bit worried so he had me come in.  When I described that the pain was more along the outside of my foot he did an xray to make sure I hadn’t fractured something.  The xray did show that my bone density was [...]

2nd soccer game was better

On Sunday I had an hour training with my soccer coach and then played 70 minutes of soccer.  I warned the team I might have to bow out early if things started paining me but my only limitation was I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) sprint real hard.  I warned them about that too - LOL!  I [...]

First soccer game lasted 10 minutes

Well I tried playing soccer last night.  My time on the field was about 10 minutes - tops.  I warmed up before the game (not something I always do ) and things were going well initially.  Then a teammate sent a fast pass my way.  I cut right with some force to accelerate quickly, [...]