Got the OK to SLOWLY add in new activities

I emailed my doc to find out what I could/couldn’t do now. I can go back to my weight lifting class and can do my HIIT class in the LOW impact mode. The main 2 stress activities I’m going to try for the next 3 weeks are dribbling the soccer ball as I run and 2 footed jumping. I’ll see how those go. If they go OK then I’ll progress to 1 footed jumping and start doing some cutting with the soccer ball as I jog. I’ll slowly add in more stressful activities and if any start causing pain then I’ll back off and reset. My foot will set the pace for when I can add in new stressors. My doc said it takes the bone 3-4 weeks to remodel as new stressors are added so that’s the interval I’ll go with to add new things.

But at least I can get back to taking some exercise classes! I really don’t like exercising on my own.

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  1. Good luck!

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