Finally get to start running … slowly :)

Yesterday was my first try at running again. For the next month I alternate running for 15 minutes max one day with walking for 1/2 hour the next day. The first time out I ran for maybe 6 minutes, alternating running and walking as my foot and lung capacity could handle it. At around the 11 minute mark the foot was feeling a bit sore so I finished off by walking. Today the foot is “there” but it seems to be achilles stiffness rather than heel soreness. Hopefully the running continues to go well and maybe by the time the month is up I’ll be running for the full 15 minutes - LOL! Once it cools down I’ll move from the treadmill out to a field so I can at least dribble a soccer ball as I run. I just don’t like running and doing nothing else, it is incredibly boring.

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  1. I did a 5K last night. It was the Black Light Run and these are a lot of fun if you don’t mind getting glow powder thrown on you and enjoy dancing under black lights. I mostly walked it (as did the majority of the people there) but did run in some spots. My achilles is sore, which is the same thing that I felt after my first run. So I’m hoping the bone inflammation is gone and now I just have to get my achilles used to working hard again.

  2. One my 15 minutes run/walk a couple of nights ago I was able to run for 8 min! Woohoo! Making some progress.

  3. And tonight I ran for 10 minutes. A little improvement each time!

  4. That’s awesome cserpent! I would love to be able to run again. I’m 15 weeks post surgery so figure it’s going to be a little longer still.

  5. Thank you Paul! So far so good! It will be a bit longer for you - LOL! Heck it has been a LOT longer for me. I’m just hoping that the bone inflammation is gone for good. I get some pain and stiffness after running but it seems to be the achilles rather than the bone. So I’m also working on heel drops on the stairs and calf raises - straight and bent knee - to strengthen the achilles. I only hope your healing path is a short one! I’ve had both short and long healing paths and I much prefer the short one - LOL!

    My last 2 running sessions were 8 minutes and then 10.5 minutes. I may be at 15 minutes in another couple of weeks. Then I can try running for longer periods of time. When I start that I’ll have to do it on a field with a soccer ball. 10 minutes of running is already boring enough.

  6. Good news for you! I really hope your bone inflammation is gone for good. Now you can just concentrate on getting the achilles in fighting shape. Like you said, you’ve definitely had a taste of both types of recovery…really short and really long! I think I’ll have to take a page from your book and start out much slower with the running thing. Maybe 10 minutes here and there and work up from there.

  7. Thank you Junebug! I hope it’s gone for good too. I just read your blog! Yikes a stress fracture! That’s what I’ve been trying hard to avoid :) I actually might be running for 15 minutes by the time I reach the 4 week mark - LOL! I’m not running 15 minutes straight - I alternate running and walking (I guess the term for that now is “Jeffing” - LOL - though in the past everyone just called it run/walk). I’m up to 11 minutes now - over a span of 22 minutes. I’m still working on my aerobic capacity so maybe by the time I’m able to get back on the pitch I’ll be able to run 15 minutes straight.

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