Another ortho visit (1 year + 3 weeks)

So I saw my doc today and he said I could s l o w l y ramp up to running. I get to start by adding 15-20 of exercise walking every other day to my exercise regimen. I do that for 3 weeks. Then for another 3 weeks I can do light running for 15 minutes (when I’m running just to run I ONLY do light running - I hate to run unless I’m playing soccer) one day and then 30 minutes of exercise walking the next. I alternate the running/walking for another 3 weeks. Then, if nothing is hurting, I start a slow return to my normal exercise regimen and slowly ramp up for soccer. Once I’m at the light running stage I’ll check to see if I should do anything with my PT.

I’m hoping that the bone is calmed down enough and that adding more activity won’t get it annoyed again. I’m also going to try the exercise bike again to see if that bothers my foot anymore. Would like to do something in addition to the elliptical for aerobic exercise.

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  1. I hope all is going well with introducing light running. Best of luck to you!!

  2. As you ramp up your activities, do consider going back to an ice/heat regimen. I use ice and heat any time I run more than a mile. It seems to be helping with the recovery.

  3. Well I had a setback over the weekend. Apparently there is a definite limit to how much I can walk without the boot. On my one day of exercise walking I did about 6400 steps. Over the weekend I was at a soccer tournament selling jewelry and watching my friends play. I thought I spent a lot of time sitting but ended up with 8700 steps on Saturday and 8200 on Sunday and my heel was really unhappy! Since I knew I was going to Disneyland on Tuesday I wore the boot most of Monday and wore it the entire time at Disneyland (21500 steps!!). I know the step count isn’t accurate on my phone but it’s for relative comparison it works. So now I’m back on restricted movement until the heel bone calms down. Then I’ll restart exercise walking. Hopefully I’ll get to light running in 3 weeks or so.

    I am still icing. Since my problem is an inflamed bone I don’t know that heat will help but icing should.

  4. Cserpent, when you say your bone is inflamed, is that on your heal? I think I remember your having the surgery to remove bone spurs. Have you tried steroid injections? Do NSAIDs work at all?

  5. Yes the heel bone is inflamed. It was very visible in the MRI. And yes I had surgery over a year ago to remove bone spurs. NSAIDS sort of work but for something like this the only thing to really resolve it is giving the bone a rest. If I don’t give it a rest then I’ll get a fracture and that will take even longer to recover from. And now that I know the somewhat narrow range I have to keep it happy I can better gauge when to wear the boot and when not to. If I’ll be walking a goodly amount then I wear it. If I won’t be walking too much then I don’t. I didn’t think I walked much over the weekend - but checking my phone step count I actually did. So I’m going to aim for no more than 6500 steps without the boot for the next 3 weeks. The foot actually was OK after Disneyland so the boot definitely takes the stress off the bone. My doc says it takes about 3 weeks for the bone to remodel at each “phase” of recovery. And I’ll be upping my calcium intake while all this is going on.

  6. Ugh. I’m sorry to read about your recent bone inflammation struggles. With how well your other foot went, I thought you would be out on the soccer field long by now. Hope it is starting to calm down by now. It must be super frustrating to go back to the boot at this point!

  7. Thank you Junebug! It was frustrating to go back in the boot but the boot was better than the alternative of a stress fracture. That would have put me back on the scooter :) I hope it’s calmed down too. I get to try light running this weekend so I’ll know then whether it’s happy now or not.

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