Just passed the one year mark!

My one year mark was 8/17. My achilles is fine as far as I know but I’m dealing with bone issues. I have no idea why but my heel bone was inflamed and I’m trying to get it to calm down still. When it’s bugging me I go back into my boot to reduce the pull on the heel by the achilles. I can do heel lifts and eccentric drops and elliptical but no running or high impact activities - so no soccer! :( I see my doc again on Tuesday and have no idea what the plan will be. I think the bone is still inflamed even after 1 month of low impact activities and wearing the boot when needed. I have to say this is REALLY annoying!!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the inflammation. That’s gotta be very frustrating. Congratulations on one year nonetheless!

  2. Thank you Bruiser! It sure is frustrating! Hopefully I’m finally at the point where I can make forward progress again. I’ll know after I start walking for exercise again.

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