Still have an inflamed heel bone

Saw my doc for a follow up on my heel.  He showed me the MRI and the heel bone definitely does not look like the surrounding bone.  In one view good bone shows as black, but my heel bone shows as white due to the inflammation.  I still have pain from relatively low impact activities like biking and he squeezed places on my heel that shouldn’t be painful and they still are.  So … no high impact activity for another month.  The summer soccer season is now a total bust.  I played 10 minutes in one league, 70 minutes in another and 0 minutes in the third league I normally play in.  It’s definitely a bummer!  However if I don’t do as told I could end up with a stress fracture and that would be much worse.

On a good note the achilles looked really good in the MRI!

My doc also "prescribed" new tennies.  He wanted me to get some asics gel kaynos.  Those have a steel shank in the bottom of the shoe which will minimize the pull on the heel bone by the achilles caused by shoes that flex too much.  I did try Hoka’s but those had very little padding at the top of the shoe on the heel.  I can see inflammation there and any shoe that presses there causes pain.  So I have a new pair of Asics.  Hopefully they’ll keep my foot feeling OK during our trip to Italy next week.

new tennies!

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