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I saw my PT today for my shoulder problems and we discussed my foot.  He checked the MRI results and said the marrow and the bursa area of the bone are both inflamed.  He emphasized, again, that if things are hurting BACK OFF!!!  So I’m taking his advice to heart and won’t be going to the gym today.  I went yesterday and didn’t do anything that I would call high impact but the foot is aching today so something I did made it unhappy.  I really have to be patient and let my foot get to the point where it has no pain.  That is incredibly hard to do when I’m at the 11 month mark and want to be out playing soccer and going to my exercise classes.  I also spent over a decade doing things despite my foot pain so it is hard for me to get in the mindset that I shouldn’t feel any foot pain anymore.  My PT also reminded me that if I don’t back off I could end up with a stress fracture and then I would REALLY be hating life.

So I’m going to try real hard to be easy on my foot.  I’ll hit the pool this week and hopefully that will be exercise that doesn’t bug my foot.  My next doc visit is on the 25th and I would love to go in there and tell him there is no pain … only time will tell!

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  1. I ruptured my right Achilles 11 years ago (I’m currently 8 weeks post-surgery on my left Achilles). FWIW, my right tendon and leg never got back to pre-rupture form. I did get back into pre-rupture activities like distance running and lacrosse but there was always a bit of pain. Frankly, my right Achilles still gets sore today when overworked like it is now as I’m not using my left leg much.

    Key for me in understanding when I was ready to go full bore was differentiating between types of pain. Once I got to a point where pain only came following heavy activity and the pain subsided after relatively short periods of rest, I felt like I was as healed as I was going to get.

    Of course, listen to your body and to your PT and ortho and rest when you feel you need to. It’s a long road but there is a finish line!

  2. Thank you tbombs517! Unfortunately I’m using my right foot as my comparison and I was back to ALL my normal activities, with no pain, at 6-7 months. I have absolutely no problems with my right achilles now (same surgery back in 2/2017). As I complained about the slow pace of recovery for my left foot my doc told me that my right foot healed exceptionally fast so it really wasn’t a good benchmark. Sigh! So I fully expect to get back to all my previoius activities with no pain for my left as well. And the problem now isn’t my achilles - it’s my foot bone. But I’ve done some research and some of the problem could be that as I’ve gotten older I need to eat more protein and since I switched to a vegan diet in late 2017 for health reasons I’m probably getting less protein than I did in early 2017. Normal protein needs for younger women is around 45g. For 60+ they recommend 70+ g. And, since I’m 58, I need to be aiming more for 70g and I wasn’t eating anywhere near that much protein. Since protein is used to help all kinds of body repair it could be the reason my bone hasn’t gotten as strong this time around. So from now on I’m eating more protein and in the short term I’m also taking calcium supplements. Fortunately I can easily up my protein by making soy curl jerky - tasty and healthy :) - in addition to upping my intake of legumes and grains.

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