In France for the Women’s World Cup

After 10 days in France we’re heading back home.  We were there to watch 5 World Cup games - 3 from the group stage and the semifinals.  We saw the US play France and England.  Those were great games.  The semifinal between Sweden and the Netherlands was pretty boring.  I averaged about 6 miles a day.  Some days much further, some days shorter.  At the end of every day my foot was swollen.  I was able to ice sometimes, but not always.  The bone is still sore and I know running on it isn’t a good idea since I had to do that once to get on the metro that was about to leave.  Needless to say my foot was unhappy about that.  I did wear my boot part of the time but if I did a lot of walking in it then it started to cause a sore and bruise on my calf bone.  I’m bootless today for the plane rides.  Once I get home I’ll see how I do with some of the early stage exercises - heel lifts and heel drops.

I see my doc at the end of July so we’ll see if all that walking annoyed things even more.  He did tell me to minimize walking but he also knew that would be difficult in France.

Ettie (World Cup mascot) and me in my boot

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