Back in a boot at 44 weeks after surgery

The pain I got at my first soccer game had my doc a bit worried so he had me come in.  When I described that the pain was more along the outside of my foot he did an xray to make sure I hadn’t fractured something.  The xray did show that my bone density was not back to the pre-surgery level so he was concerned I was getting microfractures that won’t show in an xray.  He squeezed my heel and that caused a shooting pain up the back of my foot and the fact that I was still getting swelling and my foot was still sore most of the time concerned him.  So he told me to wear the boot again until I can get an MRI.  An MRI can verify whether there are microfractures.  Hopefully I can get it scheduled before we leave for France next week.  So no more soccer or HIIT classes this week.  I’ll also eat more calcium rich foods for the next several weeks just in case :)

It was a good thing I did get in to see him since I had a soccer game tonight, a HIIT class tomorrow night, soccer training on Friday and then soccer games on Saturday and Sunday scheduled.  Any of those might have resulted in a full blown fracture if the bone is still weak right now.  I’ll bring my boot with me to France so I can wear it if my foot is bugging me.

This is definitely a setback but I’m glad I went in to see him.  A few extra weeks in the boot is much better than months of recovery due to a fracture.

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  1. Perhaps it is better to identify the problem, as it seemed the foot was healing so slowly. Perhaps you will get a good tweak that will cause the whole healing to go faster and better.

  2. I agree Oakmanii. I sure hope something shows up in the MRI. The foot was definitely not healing as I thought it should. I’m also upping my calcium intake to make sure there is plenty available for building up bone. I figure it can’t hurt and it might help. :)

  3. The MRI showed inflammation of the heel bone but not where the achilles insertion is. According to my doc this is the precursor to microfractures. So the good news is that there are no microfractures. The bad news is I have to just walk for the next month. Even a spin class riled things up since my foot swelled the next day. So I’m back to swimming and rowing for aerobics and I can do seated weight lifting. Nothing that is high impact on my heel bone. I see the doc again in a month. I’ll get a LOT of walking in France next week since we’re going there to watch the Women’s World Cup. If the foot starts to pain me and swell then I need to use the boot until it calms down again. So the boot will be in the suit case. :)

    The big thing I have to keep in mind is that any foot pain or swelling means I need to back off on activity. I got so used to ignoring any soreness over the last decade+ that unless I get actual sharp pain I basically just ice and advil. I did get pain after my first game and stopped. But from that point on my foot was sore but not really painful so it was no big deal to me.

    It’s funny too because I remember paying close attention to pain as I went through PT with my right foot. But, for some, reason I only paid attention to sharp pain with my left foot (at least lately) and not soreness.

    I can still do heel lifts and heel drops if they don’t hurt so I won’t completely regress in the strength that I’ve gotten back in the tendon.

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