First soccer game lasted 10 minutes

Well I tried playing soccer last night.  My time on the field was about 10 minutes - tops.  I warmed up before the game (not something I always do :) ) and things were going well initially.  Then a teammate sent a fast pass my way.  I cut right with some force to accelerate quickly, since it was moving fast and about to go out of bounds, and felt a sharp pain on the outside of my surgery foot.  I did manage to get the pass and send it down field but from that point on I was limping.  I walked and tried to jog to see if it was just a temporary pain and it wasn’t.  So off the field I went.  Quite a bummer since we were short 2 players!

I happened to have a PT session scheduled for a shoulder problem today so I had him check out my foot as well.  He saw the same swelling I did and said that was the bursa.  I did some checks to make sure the tendons/ligaments on the outside of the foot weren’t the problem. They weren’t.  So I’m back to icing/advil and I put on some KT tape to see if that will help with the pain and maybe relieve the inflammation faster.  KT tape helped a lot when I pulled my IT band.  I’m trying the tendinitis method of applying it and if that doesn’t do much by tomorrow I’ll try some alternate patterns for applying it.

Needless to say I am NOT a happy camper!  10+ months and this dang foot is still causing me issues.  It’s painful to do heel raises right now so I know something is pissed.  I also emailed my doc to complain - LOL!  I don’t see him again until the 1 year point but I asked him if seeing him any earlier might provide some insight as to what is taking so long.  I had games a soccer training session scheduled today (I have had NO problems from all the moves/work I’ve done in my training classes) and then a game on Saturday and another on Sunday.  I have serious doubts I’ll be able to play in either game.

On the plus side my PT gave me some exercises to use for my shoulder/arm issues.  I was doing about 15 exercises initially and I cut that down to about 5.  He gave me 4 more focused exercises based on where I’m still having issues.

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