Soccer training @ 39 weeks since surgery

My old soccer coach (from 3 or so years ago) is still doing 1-on-1 training sessions so I set one up.  It went pretty well.  Before he got there I did some 1 footed jumping tests and I was able to jump the same distance on both feet.  So that’s one more thing to check off on my PT list.  Now I’ll do diagonal jumping for distance and see how the left compares to the right.  We just did basic warmup, some dribbling drills, shooting drills, 1 footed rebound drills, …  I was winded after the warm ups - LOL!  But I already knew aerobic capacity was an issue.  My quads got tired before my feet which made me happy.  I started out in my old, soft backed cleats and after warm ups my coach asked how old they were.  I took that as a subtle hint that they looked pretty worn.  So I switched to some old, but hardly used, hard backed cleats and did the rest of the session in those.  I was happy that for the first time in 13+ years I had no heel pain with a hard backed cleat!!!

My foot still feels good tonight and I didn’t feel the need to ice it.  I see some swelling but it is pretty much the same swelling I’ve seen for many weeks.  I’ll do another training session on Saturday and if that goes well I’ll start playing with the over 57 league.  That is 8 on 8 and on a smaller field and at a slower pace than younger leagues so it will be a good starting point my soccer playing.

Nothing like finally getting some real ball touches to make a gal happy!

I had training session #2 on 5/18.  This time the calves and lungs were the limiting factor this time - LOL!  The feet are fine!  I will definitely start playing in June since my achilles is not having any issues.

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  1. You are doing much more jumping, athleticism than I was planning on doing. Do you intend to do box jumps? Did you do them before? In general, do you plan on doing more ‘aggressive’ training than what you were doing before the injury? I see guys climbing stairs and I have no interest in doing that, as I mostly just stretched out before sports. But maybe you think it is necessary?

  2. Hi Oakmanii! I do low box jumps - LOL! And I won’t do more aggressive training compared to what I did before. I’ll get back to playing 3-4 soccer games a week, a weight lifting class and 2 HIIT classes. I’m doing one HIIT class and the weight lifting class now and will start playing soccer next week. I’m waiting on the 2nd HIIT class until after I’m in better aerobic shape. I’ll be doing a LOT of stair climbing when we go to France next month, but I don’t make a point of climbing stairs since it is very boring. I have a problem - if doing an exercise is boring then I won’t keep doing it. That’s just one reason I can’t stand running, just for the sake of running. I’ll gladly run in a soccer game. :) Typically for a warm up I do a little jogging (forward and backward), side stepping, lunges and, once the muscles are warmed up, I do stretches.

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