A walk into the canyon

I did my run/walk PT in the neighborhood today. Was back to doing 1 min walk/1 min run since that was what the foot told me to do. Last weekend I was up to about 1 min walk/90 sec run but it wasn’t painless. I really detest just running so as a reward I hiked the trail down into our canyon and back. The trail head is in the park where I was running. I figured it would be a good workout for the achilles with the steep trail, having the foot move in different directions on the rocks, … At another park where I run take my shoes off at the end of the run/walk and walk barefoot in the sand at the kids play area. It’s another way to break up any remaining scar tissue since your foot is moving at different angles in the hills/valleys of the sand.

Anyway I got to see some beautiful flowers, the lovely green growth due to our rain and enjoyed it tremendously! The last time I walked this trail was at least 15 years ago and it was pretty barren. :)

Some of the native flowers …
california native allium sisyrinchium - blue eyed grass

The path through the California oak trees …

path through california native oaks

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