PT Appt #9 - 32 weeks since surgery - Last one!

Saw my PT today. He checked glute, quad and hamstring strength and all looked good. Left leg wasn’t substantially weaker than the right leg and the hamstring on the left felt stronger than the right - not sure why that is ….

Flexibility has improved for both and now the left is just about the same as the right. I get to start 1 foot jumping now, 2 foot jumping up/down from a platform, adding weight as I do heel raises, continue doing the eccentric heel drops on the stairs, continue to work on the walk/run until I get to where I can just run.

Once I can do a distance 1-footed jump the same on right and left and can just run I can start transitioning into soccer. At the end he said I’m done with PT visits unless I run into a problem. :) So I have my homework to keep me busy. I tried 1 footed jumping last week and it was quite a bit easier this week so I’m still making noticeable progress week to week which makes me very happy!

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  1. Great! Your last one! Im finishing up my first month. I thought I was doing good until they had me try to stand on one foot, step up on squishy ground, etc…. Walking in bare feet was trouble too.
    So what little milestones and order do I have ahead of me?
    walking without a cane
    toe lifts
    heel lifts
    going up stairs
    walking in bare feet

    And did you ever try water therapy?

  2. Hi Fred! I did some swimming and when I was just starting out in 2 shoes and just beginning strengthening I would walk back/forth in the pool and, when I got the OK, did heel raises in the pool initially since there is not as much weight on the achilles in the pool. I never walked with a cane, but I didn’t start walking in the boot until 5 weeks and only used a crutch for a little while. I couldn’t go barefoot for many months due to 6 weeks of NWB and all the loss of strength and bone mass that results. Yes you have all of the above to look forward to! :) Initially as you gain strength you’ll just balance on 1 foot on flat ground, then balance on a pillow or bosu. Once you get enough strength you start going up on your toes with both feet and eventually with just the one foot. You’ll start out leaning on a bed or counter so you hold a lot of weight in your arms and as the muscles/tendons get stronger you get more upright until you’re able to do it standing tall. I won’t even give you a timeline. My own 2 feet had VERY different timelines! My right foot was fully recovered at 6 months. This one is still recovering and I’m at 8 months. We all follow a similar path to recovery but each at the pace our body dictates. My doc told me, again, that he couldn’t explain why my right foot healed so fast. It was VERY unusual. He said my left foot is a bit faster than many since I’m already doing 1 footed jumping. Some aren’t doing 1 footed heel raises yet at 7 months. One important lesson - don’t overdue it!!!!! That will set your recovery back for sure. Just do your exercises and PT, if it hurts stop and eventually you’ll be back to doing the things you love.

  3. I had missed this post, thanks so much for the details! So you walked with tiny steps and no cane. I noticed that my problem is that I dont push off on my bad foot when I move forward. It is so weak with that now. But I am doing heel raises in a pool with water up to my neck!!
    I see PT every week, is that too much? Im at 10 weeks now.

  4. Yep tiny steps Fred. Your achilles is not only weak, but not too flexible after surgery or atr. Glad you’re doing heel raises in the pool! You may be able to do them out of the pool now by leaning on your arms onto a bed with most weight in your arms. That is how I was instructed to start. Put as much weight into your arms as you need in order to be able to do them. As the achilles gets stronger you get more upright with less and less weight in the arms.

    As to PT - I can’t really speak to that. I’m with Kaiser and they seem to be more in the mode of checking things out then giving me a list of exercises to do at home and come back in 2, 3 or 4 weeks for a progress check. I don’t know if that is because my PT knows I’m self motivated and go to the gym on my own or if that is what they do for all patients. I do know that those on private insurance get a LOT more PT sessions. However from what I’ve read many of those sessions are exactly the same exercises I was told to do at home.

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