7 3/4 months doctors appt

Saw my doc today and he said I’m doing well. He again said he had no explanation for why my right foot healed so quickly - LOL! He said my left foot is more normal though the fact that I can already do one legged heal lifts already is actually ahead of schedule. Apparently many cannot do that at this stage. So if you’re at 7+ months and can’t do a heal raise - no worries - that’s normal. He said he didn’t want me playing soccer for another 3 months and I told him I wouldn’t wait that long - LOL! I’ll let my foot be the judge. I can’t yet hop on one foot and I definitely need to be able to do that before I start playing.

He also said that at this point stress fractures can occur if I push too hard and too fast. Your bones can only handle a certain amount of stress - no matter what. Normally your achilles will keep things in check so that the bones aren’t over stressed. Since my achilles isn’t at full strength it can’t control things enough to keep me from getting a stress factor. So he said that I should only add significant new exercises/workouts every 3 weeks. That gives the achilles time to get strong enough to handle the next stage in recovery. I know I need to dial back my HIIT workout a bit. I did too much jumping last night based on the ache in my achilles all day today. And on Sunday I added more to my running (1 minute run/1 minute walk up from 30-45 sec, and 1 more lap around the field), then did the calf rotation machine (only gym machine that strengthens the calf/achilles) and then did a 1/2 hour HIIT class. All of this together caused the achilles to ache the next day as well. Today is my rest day. :) I’ll probably just do heel raises this evening. He did tell me to do eccentric heel raises now. Go up on the toes with both feet on a step, then switch to one leg and slowly lower down below the step. Always go up using both feet at this point. So I’ll do some of those tonight as well if things feel OK.

I also asked about the thickness of the heel from the ankle down. He said that is a combination of swelling and scar tissue. As time progresses more of the scar tissue will remottle and the swelling will continue to decrease. I had to look back at photos of my right foot to see that it, too, was pretty thick as I healed. Right now my right foot looks pretty normal so the thickness is just a part of the healing process.

And he did say I can wear my soccer cleats while running and do some very gentle side to side movements, start doing ladder exercises - gently, … Ladder exercises will definitely stress things since you’re on your toes the entire time. I’ll verify with my PT next week as well before I start up a bunch of new exercises.

Now I think it is time to do some icing to alleviate some of the ache from my HIIT class last night.

So keep at it and remember that it takes a year or more to get completely back to normal in most cases.

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