PT appt #8 - 7 months since surgery

Saw my PT today. He said my barefoot walking was noticeably better and I demonstrated that I’m doing unassisted, 1 footed heel lifts now. My left foot flexibility is still 1cm less than my right foot so I need to focus more on flexibility. I’ve already begun hanging my heel down from the edge of a step to get a bigger stretch. Once I can easily do heel lifts on flat ground he told me to start doing those on a step as well so I’ll get a stretch on the way down and I’ll have to do more work to lift the heel when it is dropped below the step. He said I could start run/walking. I told him I already started that after talking with my doc. He said to continue doing that and to start doing jumps up/down on 2 feet and when those are easy do jumps side to side.

So … YIPPEEE… I’m finally at the jumping stage. I actually have done a little jumping already - LOL! I’m taking the HIIT classes that I used to take and I just do the low impact modifications most of the time when jumping is involved. When the jumping isn’t too strenuous I do it, but even then if I start feeling it in my achilles I switch to the low impact exercise.

My PT also did soft tissue massage again at this session. Whoooiiieeee that is painful while he’s doing it. No pain afterwards. He asked if it helped the last time. I said - who knows. After that and after taking advil at max dosage for about 3 weeks and I started doing my own daily achilles massage I finally able to make progress in my recovery. It could be a combination of everything. He did still see a little swelling in the bursa area so I’ll be careful to pay attention to how that is feeling. Clearly when it was inflamed recovery progress stopped.

My PT also reminded me to ice when needed and take advil if I think it’s necessary. As much as I used to ice my achilles before surgery I still keep forgetting to ice it now.

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  1. Good progress!
    I felt that icing is very important. When I ice at the end of the day, even for just a short period of time, I can sleep much better and less stiffness when I wake up.

  2. Awesome cserpent! You are jumping now, that is incredible progress. Good on you, it is inspiring! Gives me hope that I’ll be doing the same at month 6 and 7.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. You might be doing it earlier beginnersmind! I was doing it at month 4 with my right foot if I recall correctly. But, as I’ve found out, your foot will decide when - LOL! It has its own calendar.

  4. At this point cserpent, I feel like that would be almost miraculous? I am at 11.5 weeks now and I am in 2 shoes full time and walking but with a fair limp and I have ZERO push-off. My calf has atrophied more than I anticipated (the nerve damage? Or maybe just what was meant to be?) and it is hard to imagine myself gaining enough strength to jump in a months time.

    Would be awesome though! I am squatting a bit in PT and pretty aggressive doing marching and sumo walks, standing calf raises, etc.

    Leg feels strong, calf feels almost dead. Just starting to activate a bit more the past few days. Still can’t remotely get up on two legs and transfer my weight to the repaired leg for an eccentric drop.

    Anyway, that’s my update for now. I have progressed fairly well in recent weeks!

    Hope the same has continued for you :)

  5. It sounds like your achilles is taking the long road to recovery like my left foot is beginnersmind. :) And the calf atrophies a LOT and very quickly. And it takes a long time to get the strength back. It’s good that you’re making progress. I assume you’re doing assisted heel raises on one leg? That’s how they had me start. Lean on a bed or counter so most of your weight is in your arms and do the 1 footed heel raise. Put as much weight into the arms as needed so you can do the heel raise. As your calf gets stronger you slowly get more upright until, eventually, you’re doing it standing straight.

    As much as I detest running I finally forced myself to do it - LOL! I ran/walked for 15 minutes last night after my weight lifting class. Achilles feels a bit tight but doesn’t hurt so it’s ok with that level of exertion. The PT sheet said start with 1 minute of running/1 minute of walking alternating. Well neither my foot nor my aerobic capacity could handle that so I did 30 sec/30 sec initially and was doing 30-45 sec of running with about a minute of walking by the end. LOL! I’m going to start being very diligent and do it every other day as directed even though I hate running.

    Ah - read through my earlier blog posts for my right foot and when I started jumping I was also okayed to dribble the soccer ball. That will make the running more tolerable. And since we’re actually supposed to have no rain for the next week I’ll go do my run/walk/dribble at a park. Running on the treadmill at the gym is boring. I see my doc in 8 days and my PT again at the end of the month so I better start doing my running or I won’t have made much progress by the time I see either one - LOL! I haven’t stopped doing my heel pushups (as I call them). I can do 40 now on the left foot when it’s fresh. I’m starting to do some on a step so I get more stretch as I go down.

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