A week of walking and standing in Tucson makes for an unhappy achilles :(

This is the time of year for the gem show in Tucson. I make my annual trek there to stock up on gems and findings needed for my jewelry design business. I have to say my foot definitely got annoyed since I was basically on my feet from about 8AM to 6 or 7PM (except when I was driving from one show to the next). The surfaces I walked on were generally uneven so I’m sure that was a workout for my achilles and added to its unhappiness. By day 4 it was paining me and I finally looked closely and noticed that it was swelling again. I probably should have iced but just elevated a bit and went to bed at night - LOL! In the AM all the swelling was gone, but by the end of the next day it was right back. Now that I’m home I’m elevating it more, icing and giving it a bit of a rest. My foot is much happier today, no swelling and just a bit tight. I’ll do my PT exercises tonight and then I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow.

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