A very weird difference in the healing between right and left feet

I’m still working to get back to the strength level I had before Christmas. A visit with my doc where he had me do an unassisted heel raise when the foot was NOT ready for it set me back quite a bit. I had done a couple of those in PT about a week earlier - but clearly the stars were not aligned properly when my doc wanted me to do them.

One thing I finally figured out, which is quite different from my right foot recovery, is that I don’t feel the pain while doing heel raises until I take all the weight off the foot. Pretty strange! For my right foot I would feel the pain that told me to stop, as I was doing them, so it was easy to judge when to stop in order to avoid overdoing it. It actually took me a little while to figure this out with my left foot which was one of the reasons I kept over doing things. I would happily do heel lefts all in a row and not feel any pain until I stopped and took the weight off the foot. At that point the pain could be quite intense, but the damage was done.

Weird! So now I do a few heel raises, then shift all my weight to the right foot and wiggle my left foot around to see how it feels. If it still feels OK I do a few more. I emailed my PT to see if he could explain why this is happening. Now that I finally know how NOT to overdue my exercises, I hope I’ll actually make some progress in gaining strength.

Only time will tell!

But one bit of progress I do finally see (and I’m at the 5.5 month mark now … sigh …) is that my foot doesn’t swell when I’m on my feet most of the day.

With the differences I see between how my right and left feet heal I’m not at all surprised out how differently each of us heals as we go through this process.

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  1. I emailed my doc about the lack of pain until I take all weight off the foot and he thought the bursa might be inflamed. So I’ll take some anti-inflammatory meds for a while to see if that helps. I did notice today, as I did some weeding, that ANY concentrated pressure on my left foot leads to the same pain when I take all the pressure off. But, as I was weeding longer the foot seemed to get used to it and wasn’t giving me quite as much pain as I shifted my weight. Weird! Well hopefully time will make things more normal.

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