Doctors Appt - week 20

After finding the bump on my heel that was quite inflamed I accelerated my 1/8 appt to today. When my doctor emailed me that he thought a suture might have been left in I went ahead and squeezed the bump and this time I got a hard little bit of something out. When I looked at it under my jewelers magnifying lens it looks like a small piece of bone. Today when I went in the inflammation is completely gone and I just have a little knot where it was. My doc wasn’t quite sure if it was bone since he was looking at it without any magnification but he figured it was either bone or suture. He said they flush out the surgery area a LOT after all the grinding is done but it is possible that some little bit gets stuck somewhere and doesn’t flush out.

I complained to him that I was already a month behind my right foot recovery. At week 20 with my right foot I was already doing all kind of jumping exercises and running regularly. I still can’t walk normally with my left foot. He told me my right foot healed REALLY quickly. I was at the top of the scale for speed of healing with my right foot. It could be because my right foot is my dominate and was stronger before I had the surgery. It could be that the inflammation from that little bit of bone slowed things down. He couldn’t say for sure. But he did say I was healing at a more “normal” pace with this foot. LOL! So using my right foot healing time frame as a point of reference is not a good idea.

He said for the next month I should wear shoes that are more rigid (like good quality running shoes) so my achilles doesn’t have to work so hard in that last bit of flexing as I walk, go back to using heel wedges for a while in my shoe if walking continues to be an issue, put heel wedges on the floor as I’m doing my heel raises so my foot isn’t starting from flat ground. He did have me do one unassisted heel lift and I’m still paying for it. I texted him about 2 hours after my appt to let him know my foot still hurt, I was still limping and I was getting pain spasms all because of him - LOL! I just had to give him heck for making me do something my foot isn’t ready for. :) I did try doing a heel raise starting from 9/16″ and 7/16″ stacked heel wedges but it was a no go. My achilles is just too sore from that 1 heel raise I did at my appt.

They did take an xray of my foot from several angles to make sure there were no other bits of bone hanging around. My doc did think that a piece of bone that small would be visible in an xray. I’ll have to see if I can get a picture of my little bone bit through my jewelers magnifying lens.

So in short he said my strength is good, my calf muscle tightens up well as I push and as far as he is concerned I’m doing fine. He was actually quite happy I was able to manage a heel raise - even if it did hurt like heck! I do need to send him an email to remind him that he told me I could start running at the 3 month mark …. so he set my expectations high as well.

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  1. Well, I guess you really lucked out with foot number one as far as the healing process goes. I’m secretly hoping that mine will set a record for healing since it’s my right dominate foot!

    My PT guy has me doing heel lifts, assisted of coarse at this point. But man, after a session of those I am sore! I’m always fine the next day but they take their toll on my little achilles. But I guess that’s how progress and strength are made.

    If you’re looking for a good rigid shoe look at the HOKA running shoes. Lot’s of cushioning but rigid as crap. They’re designed for foot stability. I think I got the Arahi 2 model. The drawback is that they’re a little pricey. $130! But at this point I feel like my feet deserve the best after all I’ve put them through.

  2. I hope your recovery sets a record too June! Let me tell you it was awesome. I just kept making improvement and moving on to the next stage. Of course if it does and if you end up doing the left foot in the future - don’t be surprised if it heals a LOT slower!!! LOL! I know I’ve been frustrated and I’m just hoping the inflammation from that bit of bone was slowing things down. Hopefully I’ll make some good progress now. I’m about to do my PT exercises today and we’ll see how things feel after my appt yesterday.

    Thank you for the suggestion of the HOKA shoes - I may just give those a try. For now I bought a pair at Costco that will get me through the walking phase. :)

  3. Gosh it has been a week since I fell . I did call the doc , both on vacay ….. assistant did page them but since i didn’t still have pain , they thought I was ok . We will see Friday at two weeks when I get stitches out and an X-ray and then hopefully can start some pwb . It has been a little tighter since mynother ankle was only at 22 weeks and not full strength and now has to take on full weight since I can’t use my other one .
    Chris : the only thing I can’t do is go on toes with my 22 week out surgery . He said it could take 12 months . My pt said that’s the hardest thing to do since it’s all Achilles’ tendon work . I practice by having half of my feet on stairs and other part half off and do raises ( with both feet of course ) . Right now I’m doing nothing - but being bored and trying to stay positive during this couch time !

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