PT appt #5 (about 4 months)

I complained to my PT guy that my progress hasn’t been as fast as I think it should be this time around and he said that was to be expected since it kept getting annoyed due to over use …. sigh!!!! However he did have me do an unassisted heel raise while there - actually I did 4 of them. They were hard and did hurt. He said some pain is expected and as long as it doesn’t result in things hurting or aching or being stiff the next day that was OK. All the PT instructions I have say that if the pain only lasts about 10 minutes then things are OK. I guess that applies to earlier in the PT process since those are sheets I got at the 3 month mark. So … I’m going to push things a little more - in some ways. He also said it was OK for me to use the gym machine that improves calf strength (you set a weight and push with your toes) and to do leg presses and switch it up by doing the leg press with my toes. And he reiterated that I need to go sllllooowwww as I lower myself from the heel raise since that is how you gain strength. So I have new things to work on. I did some lunges at PT to try to figure out which one was causing pain previously and didn’t feel any pain. So if my foot still feels good for lunges tonight then I’ll start doing the lunges while holding weights. And my flexibility increased .5cm since my appointment 2 weeks ago. He said I still shouldn’t do any running since I can barely do a heel raise unassisted. Once I can do them unassisted and with not much effort then I can start running. One other tweak he suggested for adding strength is to go up on my toes on 2 feet (unassisted) and then stay on my toes with must my surgery foot and slowly lower down one footed.

So despite my feeling that I wasn’t making much progress over the last 2 weeks I actually did - just smaller increments than I hoped for. And he gave me a plethora of things that I can do which always makes me happy! I LOVE having lots of exercises I can do since the more exercises I can do the quicker I’ll get stronger. I go back again in 3 weeks - right before my next appointment with my doctor.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and good luck in the healing process in 2019!

And, since I can’t add a picture into my comments here is the bump on my foot that is still bugging me at 18 weeks. It’s about 1/4″ in size. My doc thinks it might be a suture that got left behind. I’ll see him on 12/31 so he can look at it.

bump on my foot at 18 weeks

bump on my foot at 18 weeks

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  1. cserpent, sounds to me like you are progressing nicely. I’m at 15 weeks post injury (no surgery) and I don’t feel like I’m anywhere close to a single leg calf raise. Nobody on my team seems to be worried about that at all. Except me, maybe. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Dan! My PT guy wasn’t too concerned either. I’ll blame it on my doctor who told me I could start running at 3 months. I don’t even know if I’ll be running before I see him again in January. Ah well as I should know very well - it takes as long as it takes and you can’t rush it.

  3. I was doing lunges at the gym tonight and felt a sharp pain and then things felt better. I think I must have broken some scar adhesion since my foot feels more flexible tonight than it has in a while. I can walk barefoot without a nagging pain on the side of my heel finally. I’ll know more tomorrow when I get up. If that is what happened then it is time to go walk on the beach or in a sand volleyball pit barefoot to see if any other scar adhesions are kinking up the works.

  4. Well I finally emailed my doc about a 1/4″ size bump along my incision area. It was the last area to heal and has had a hard knot that is often tender or sore. It was quite sore last night (and I was laying off PT exercises since my heel raise had annoyed things the night before) so I took pictures and emailed to him. He thinks there might be a suture that was missed and it is annoying things. I see him on the 8th but I want this resolved sooner so hopefully he can get me in on the 31st.

  5. Hello Cserpent - I too have a lump/bump at the bottom of my incision. It’s actually kind of a knot about the same size as yours. I have discovered that if I’m going to have any pain or tenderness, it’s usually that specific point. I am at about 22 weeks post op, and the lump has been there for many of those weeks. My doctor thought that over time it would subside and slowly start to disappear, which it has a little. He felt that since it was down at the bottom of the incision it was normal and wasn’t concerned, although I was because it is the most sensitive area on the repair. I asked him if he thought it was a suture that may work its way to the surface of the skin, and he did not think that was the case. Is yours near the bottom of the incision?

  6. Yes mine is near the bottom Chris. I’ll let you know when I go in on the 31st if he finds a suture in it :) I’ve picked at it a bit but all I do is get it bleeding. I didn’t find anything near the surface so he’ll have to dig a bit deeper than I did. I just sent pictures of mine to my doc and he instantly thought it was a leftover suture. He thought it was OK to wait until my original appt on 1/8 but offered an earlier one which I took. So it isn’t a big concern - it just annoys the heck out of me and I would like to get back to just the normal pain caused by my PT exercises. I know what the normal pain feels like since I went through this with my right foot and this isn’t the normal pain. If you’re at 22 weeks and it still hasn’t gone away I would be a bit more insistent about having him look at it a bit more closely. My bump has been there since the incision closed up. It sometimes gets a little smaller and hurts less but last night it was really bugging me which is why I finally emailed my doc. I’ll add a picture.

  7. I hope your appointment goes well and the left behind suture gets sorted out. Sweet that you’re walking in bare feet! I can’t wait to take a walk on the beach and feel the sand in between my toes again. (Though it’s been “cold” here lately!)

    Keep up the PT work! I know what you mean about feeling like you’re not making progress. But we are, just slowly, and have to remain patient and celebrate the little wins!

  8. Thanks Tima! Actually after my doc told me what he thought it was I picked at the top and kept squeezing it and saw a little hard piece and pulled that out. As I look at it under my jewelers magnifying lens it looks like a small piece of bone. I’m going to bring it to my appt to show the doc. So my guess is that a piece of the bone that came off as they ground down my bone spur during the surgery didn’t get washed away. I got it out a couple of days ago and, finally, today, the bump has reduced in size quite a bit. There is still a small knot there but it is much less sore. Now I’m hoping a lot of the pain I’ve been getting will be reduced as well. Hopefully there isn’t another piece of leftover bone in there poking at things!

    So if I were you Chris I would tell the doc you want him/her to find out what the heck is causing the irritation!

  9. I’ve missed you all ! 22 weeks out from first surgery - just had second surgery on other foot Thursday and I FELL this morning and used my surgery foot by accident to regain fall . I put massive pressure on my re attached AT foot , dang it ! I was being so careful . I opened up wrap and external stitches look ok . Iced and elevated . Can’t really tell if I messed it up . So mad at myself for falling ( using a scooter and lost balance in bathroom ) .
    Round one was amazing , I was lucky ! I’m afraid to call the dr , but I figure I would be in serious pain if i did something bad to the surgery area .

  10. Call the doc Sandy! Stuff happens no matter how careful we are. It’s better to get any problems fixed sooner rather than later.

  11. Good luck at your appointment. Glad you got that bump sorted out, crazy that it was a small piece of bone. Sounds like you’re making great progress at PT though. And I must say, I’m jealous of your absolute lack of scarring on your heel. It’s almost like you didn’t have any surgery whatsoever. I’m religiously putting silicone gel on my scar every day in the hopes that I will reduce it some.

  12. I used the silicone gel religiously as well June. It will work but it can take a while. I didn’t even notice you can barely see the scar near my bump. It is more visible on the out part of my heel/ankle area. But I’m still putting silicon gel on it just to make sure it stays nice and flat. Funny you see me making progress in PT and I feel like I’m at a road block. For my right foot I was starting to do jumps at this point! LOL! I’m not even running yet with my left foot.

    But today I FINALLY saw some measurable improvement in strength. They have a machine at the gym for calf strength that you push with your toes. Before Christmas I had to have my right foot help out in order to push it with my left at the lowest weight setting of 15 pounds. On the 26th I was able to do a couple of pushes with just the left foot. Today I was able to do all the pushes with just the left foot. I had to take some breaks as I did 3 sets of 15 and sometimes had to move the foot up on the pedal so it was more than just the toe pushing but I was happy that the left foot could finally do that unassisted! I still can’t do a heel raise unassisted but that will come. I think the inflammation caused by that little piece of bone really had an impact. Before I took it out if I walked the dogs or spent any amount of time cooking my foot would swell. I walked the dogs on Friday and Saturday and spent most of today cooking and had no swelling at all. So I’m crossing my fingers that the inflammation is finally gone and I’ll make some real progress, finally. I’ll see my doc today so I’ll be curious to see what he has to say. I’m still getting a lot more pain than I did with my right foot which doesn’t make sense to me if the damage was less. Ah well - it is what it is!

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