PT appt #4 (about 3.5 months post-surgery)

Well my hubby was out of town for a week and I had to cook for me and the dog (he has kidney issues and a handmade diet keeps his kidney numbers in the normal range), walk the dogs, go to the store, run all the errands and do some yard work. I have a chair in the kitchen and try to use it but clearly I didn’t use it often enough. My achilles is paining me most of the time and just a little bit of walking will flare up the pain quickly. My PT did some checks and felt a knot in the tendon above the surgery site so he thinks I have tendonitis. So he told me to stop doing the PT exercises, don’t do the elliptical (but I can do the recumbent bike) at the gym and basically give it a break. Sometimes you can’t avoid over doing it - but don’t be surprised if your recovery takes a few steps back when you do. :) On the good side my shoulder/nerve has gotten a bit better. The tingling I felt in my arm and down into my them is less intense. Tilting my head back doesn’t cause the tingling anymore so the nerve may be calmed down and the problem may now come from a trigger point in my shoulder blade area.

So I’ll not go barefoot for a while and will wear my clogs that are essentially a heel lift to take some stress off the achilles for a few days. And hubby will have to run more errands. My PT told me that when it doesn’t hurt to walk I can slowly start up the exercises again. So I continue to laugh at my doctors statement at my appt a few weeks back when he said I can start running now! LOL!

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  1. well, I’m sorry to hear that you have to slow things down for a bit, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I’ve been dancing right on the edge of what feels like plantar fasciitis trying to get a “foothold” (ha ha see what I did there?). It’s a tight rope we walk as we try to properly rehab, but not “overdo”. We’ll get there, though. Stay positive.

  2. Thank you Dan! Yep I know I was not listening to what my foot was telling me soon enough. This AM I got in shoes the minute my foot started complaining a bit when I was barefoot and I did 7 heel raises - but went up on both toes rather than 1 legged - and stopped right when I felt a twinge. Wearing my clog “lifts” all last night helped so the foot is feeling better today. I’ll wear my clogs again this evening when I go to a birthday party and won’t spend too much time standing.

  3. Ah well, that sucks. You seemed to be cruising right along with your recovery. I thought that running statement from the doc was a little premature as well, but what do I know. I actually got a little excited thinking “Ooh, maybe I can run again at 4 months!”. Silly me. I guess some setbacks are unavoidable in this marathon of recovery. Hang in there.

  4. Thank you June! Yes I was cruising along and stopped listening closely to my foot thinking I was doing just fine. LOL! And that’s when things bite you in the butt - hahahaha!

    There is no saying you won’t be lightly jogging at 4 months June. We all heal at different rates. However when I become able to jog the doc said I can only do it for 10 minutes max initially. And remembering back to my right foot when I finally could run I would run for 30 sec to 1 min then had to walk and just kept alternating walking and jogging. Eventually I could jog for longer time frames - but you have to work up to it - as one would expect.

  5. That stinks, cserpent! Hope it’s just temporary and will be fine in a few days.

  6. Thanks kamueller! I’m still babying it and not going barefoot right now since that really annoys it. :) I know everything will take time so I’ll just baby it, do some of the exercises from 2 PT sessions ago which are less strenuous and wait until I can walk without it being unhappy.

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