PT Appt #3, week 14

Well I’m having more PT appointments this time around. I think the thought process at Kaiser changed in 1.5 years since I had one PT appt at 10 weeks and then didn’t have another one for a month. Not that that is a bad thing this time around since my PT guy is also helping me with a pinched nerve issue that affects my neck/shoulder/arm along with my foot recovery. He had me doing side planks to help strengthen the hips/core but that was bugging my shoulder so those got changed to sideways monster walks with a band. And I’ll be doing full blown lunges now rather than split squats. I also told him other exercises I added on that he had me doing for my right foot and asked why he has me doing very few exercises this time around. He said most folks stop doing them if they get too many. I’m thinking … what???? I guess some folks just don’t want to work hard to get back to maximum functionality. Anyway I told him I want to do more things rather than fewer so he added a few more. A balance exercise that I did about 15 years ago when I first found out I had the bone spur on my right foot. It’s a bit more challenging than just standing on one foot. But I’ll still do the 1-footed balancing on the bosu ball when I’m at the gym :) And he gave me some additional stretches for my arm/shoulder/neck. I did overdue the heel raises on Saturday and my foot is still not happy so I’ll have to back off some on the exercises until it stops paining me. The heel raises are definitely the most strenous exercise as far as my achilles is concerned so I have to pay more attention to how those feel so I don’t overdue it again. I’m also using too long of a stride when I walk since I can feel a slight limp as I try to go faster by stepping longer. So I’m trying to focus on taking smaller steps with no limp.

So even though I went through this process 1.5 years ago it’s still a learning process this time around :)

Ah - but I am done with heel lifts now! I was wondering if I had progressed much from my last PT appt and I guess I have. I am able to deal heal raises a bit more upright now. I still have to hold some weight in my hands as I lean on a counter, but not as much as last week.

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  1. Documenting my flexibility for my records:
    at PT appt #2
    right knee-to-wall: toes at 11.5cm
    left knee-to-wall: toes at 8.5cm

    right knee-to-wall: toes at 12cm
    left knee-to-wall: toes at 9cm

  2. Yay! No more heel lifts. And I agree…give me additional exercises, not fewer. Amazing how much those few centimeters mean to our progress. Keep up the great work.

  3. Thank you June! And definitely every centimeter is progress! :)

  4. Sounds like you’re really making some progress, and congrats on no more heel lifts! Keep up the great work :)

  5. Thank you Tima! This week it feels like 2 steps back. Probably because hubby was out of town for a week so I was doing too much and not resting the foot and shoulder enough. Both are unhappy. I can’t do as many PT exercises for either, right now, without making both very unhappy. In fact my last lunges tonight were 1 lunge too many. The achilles is throbbing now. Ah well - that’s how things go sometimes. At least I can compare to my right foot to see if I’m progressing at the same pace as before or not. If I’m not doing a 1 footed heel raise standalone by mid-December then I’m behind where my right foot was. I may fall behind :) But my right foot is my dominant so it was probably stronger to begin with. I know I was exercising a LOT harder and for a lot longer before I had surgery on my right foot and I’m sure that has an impact on recovery. But I’ll just go with the flow. The foot will decide when I go on to the next step.

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