PT Appointment #2 and one step forward, 1 or 2 steps back …

Well let me first start out with my one step forward, 2 steps back story …

My doc gave me the OK to get rid of heel lifts and go barefoot on Monday.  So I’ve been slowly weaning away from the heel lifts.  Adding a few more hours of flat time each day.  Well,  unfortunately, I didn’t listen to what my foot was telling me yesterday.  My foot was warning me at the 5 hour mark (and part of that time I spent standing and cooking in the kitchen) and I ignored it and went another 2 hours without heel lifts.  Well today I’m in lifts, achilles is aching and sending periodic shooting pains and is generally unhappy.  I’m guessing I’ll be in lifts all day today.  So the lesson is - listen to your foot and don’t ignore it when it starts getting unhappy!  I think I’ll be icing it shortly too.  :)

I saw my PT today and told him I overdid it yesterday.  He said overdoing it once in a while is OK since you need to learn the current limits of your foot but if you overdue it too much then you may need to go back a step for a day or two to get back to where you were.

My PT said I was walking pretty well with lifts.  Barefoot I’m not walking quite so well.  I can feel it too - it feels tight when I start rolling forward.  He said the foot/leg doesn’t have the strength for a good push off yet.  He measured my knee-to-wall distance.  I think the right foot was 15 cm and the left (surgery) was 10 cm.  I’m going to measure the same thing differently - bend to get the knee to the wall and then measure how far back my toe is.  He tested out my flexibility and said it was pretty good for where I’m at.  He then gave me exercises focused on building strength - going up on tiptoes, a couple of one footed squat exercises and a hip bridge.   And after doing just a few practices of each my achilles is even more sore!  LOL!  He told me that these will be hard so if I have to take a day or two off from doing them that’s OK.  I’ll see him again on 11/19.  My exercises are:

- lean on bed/table/counter, go up on toes, drop back down to flat foot slowly,  start by going up with both feet and drop down with just the surgery foot and as the surgery leg gets stronger start going up and down on just one foot.  And, as the leg gets stronger move my body to be more vertical until I can do it standing upright

- similar exercise to the above but bend the knee slightly and keep the bend constant as I go up/down on tiptoes, and initially lean on something and let the arms hold some of my weight and as it gets stronger put less and less weight in the arms

- stand on surgery foot, put other foot on a chair and squat down while torso is vertical.  I should feel this in my quads if I’m doing it right

- stand on surgery foot, put other foot on a chair a bit further away, lean forward and squat down.  I should feel this in my butt muscles if I’m doing it right

- lay sideways on my surgery side, do a hip bridge with elbow and foot on ground.  Initially do it with both legs together but as my hips/core get stronger do it with the top leg in the air.  One can do this with the hand on the ground but I have a very unhappy tendon in my wrist so putting that kind of pressure on it is not a good thing right now.

I’m going to continue to do some of the flexibility exercises I was doing as well.  Definitely will keep doing the wall push achilles stretch.

My achilles is definitely not happy right now.  My mantra for the future is …. I will listen to my foot and do what it wants me to do immediately, not 2 hours or more later!  LOL!

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  1. And the morning after my achilles is still sore. So I’ll be gentle with it today. Just do some light exercises and maybe one or 2 eccentric exercises.

  2. Just did about 5 of each of the squats and only 4 of the eccentric calf raises/lowers. Those suckers are hard right now!

  3. Nicely done! I have found starting out with the calf raises to put my hand on a chair on the injured side. Really helps get the rep count up and then an easy transition to hands free.

    Great to see that the minor setback didn’t slow you down for long.

  4. Thank you Jeff! I’m leaning on both arms on a counter right now - LOL! No way can I do this without putting some weight into my arms. I went through the same process with my right foot. Start out leaning on arms a lot, slowly move more upright with less weight on arms and eventually you can do it upright. It just takes time to build up the strength again. And now it’s time to do my PT exercises!

  5. Documenting my flexibility for my records:
    right knee-to-wall: toes at 11.5cm
    left knee-to-wall: toes at 8.5cm

  6. Does anyone know how to make a blog post?

  7. Hi Bruiser - you’ll need to request that a blog get setup. On the main page, 3rd paragraph are the instructions about emailing.

    And I’m happy that after 2 days of mostly resting my achilles I was able to go through my entire PT repertoire. I even looked at the exercises I did at this point for my right foot and added in some of those. :) My achilles is a little achy but not paining me like it did over the weekend.

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