3 month doc visit

Saw my doc today for my 3 month visit.  I’m OK to ditch the night splint - YAY!  I can ditch the heel lift - YAY!  I can go barefoot - YAY! And I can start some eccentric exercises - YAY!  I’m OK to jog - YAY! - but since I’m not quite walking normally yet I don’t think I’ll be jogging anytime soon - LOL!  Since I know it took a while to transition from heel lift to flat I will only go barefoot for short walks at this point.  I spent a bit over an hour in a croc as I made my lunch and after that I could feel the achilles complaining so I went back into my clogs which essentially have a heel lift since they are "high" heels.  So over the next week I’ll spend more and more time in shoes with no heel lift until my achilles is comfortable with a flat foot again.  I tried one eccentric heel drop and that was all I could do - LOL!  My doc said go up to my toes using both feet then drop down with just the left foot, holding weight in my arms as I do it.  I think I will hold off on these until I can actually go up on my toes while standing.  I see my PT on Friday so we can discuss the plan based on what he knows I’ve been doing for the last 2 weeks.    I can also use a stationery bike (as opposed to recumbent) and the elliptical machine (in flat mode).  So I’ll start doing the elliptical tomorrow when I visit the gym.  I recall that I also had to work into that slowly for my right foot.

Now the REAL work begins on strengthening and stretching!  Woohoo!

And I see him again in 2 months.

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  1. Congratulations on all the progress! I hope all goes well with your PT tomorrow.

  2. I cannot believe the progress you’ve made in 3 months! I’m so happy for you and it really does give me hope. I’m not suppose to do PWB until next week at the 5 week mark but I’ve been testing the waters and it feels alright. So I’ve been cheating a little and doing some PWB with crutches. Do you remember when you started PWB?

  3. Hi Junebug! For my right foot (in 2/2017) I started PWB at 6 weeks. The damage wasn’t as bad for my left foot so I got to start PWB at 5 weeks. And definitely have hope! Once you start walking on it - whether booted or in shoes - you really feel like you’re making progress! Do be careful about doing things ahead of schedule. Docs typically have time lines to make sure everything is healed enough for the next step. In the case of bone spur surgery you need to give time for everything to heal up around the anchor so it won’t pull out. And, as you already know - listen to your foot. It will let you know when you need to elevate and ice once you get further along in healing. In fact I iced tonight since my foot was starting to throb. I actually was
    unlifted from morning until 6PM today. After that I went back into shoes with heel lifts since my achilles was giving me the signal. Since Monday I’ve gone from 1 hour of flat to about 9 hours of flat. And I’m loving going barefoot - at least for part of the day.

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