PT appt #4 (about 3.5 months post-surgery)

Well my hubby was out of town for a week and I had to cook for me and the dog (he has kidney issues and a handmade diet keeps his kidney numbers in the normal range), walk the dogs, go to the store, run all the errands and do some yard work. I have [...]

PT Appt #3, week 14

Well I’m having more PT appointments this time around. I think the thought process at Kaiser changed in 1.5 years since I had one PT appt at 10 weeks and then didn’t have another one for a month. Not that that is a bad thing this time around since my PT guy is [...]

PT Appointment #2 and one step forward, 1 or 2 steps back …

Well let me first start out with my one step forward, 2 steps back story …
My doc gave me the OK to get rid of heel lifts and go barefoot on Monday.  So I’ve been slowly weaning away from the heel lifts.  Adding a few more hours of flat time each day.  Well,  unfortunately, I [...]

3 month doc visit

Saw my doc today for my 3 month visit.  I’m OK to ditch the night splint - YAY!  I can ditch the heel lift - YAY!  I can go barefoot - YAY! And I can start some eccentric exercises - YAY!  I’m OK to jog - YAY! - but since I’m not quite walking normally [...]