First PT appt at week 10

I went to see my PT guy.  I picked the same guy I had for my right foot since he knows what I want and was very competent.  He checked out the flexibility, … and said it was all looking good.  My docs instructions weren’t all that clear so I had him go through an email the doc sent me where things were laid out more clearly.  He’ll also confirm with my doc as well.  Anyway he said it is still too early to work on strength and flexibility in a more serious fashion so he asked what I’ve been doing for the band exercises and I showed him.  He then brought me a blue band and showed me a different way of doing the same exercises so I isolate just the foot muscles.  It is much harder to do it that way - LOL!  So I at least have a new way of doing the same thing which will focus more on just the foot muscles.   I go back in 2 weeks, at the 3 month mark, which is when I get to start the REAL PT work :)

He did give me another exercise to do for my shoulder though.  I really tweaked my right shoulder during the NWB stage and it still isn’t back to normal.

But one good thing is that I’m done with the boot now!  Yay!  Still have to have lifts, use night splint and no barefoot yet.  But every little thing that gets me towards full recovery helps.

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  1. And I reviewed how things went for my right foot. At the 10 week mark my PT had me doing quite a few things (band work, calf stretches against the wall, seated calf raises and a few other things). Since I kept all the instruction sheets I’ve decided to start doing those now as well. I emailed my PT to tell him what I’ll be doing since the doc’s instructions weren’t clear. I asked him to check with my doc to make sure they are OK again on this foot at the 10 week mark. Since I started walking a week earlier I see no reason to not follow the same PT protocol as I had for my right foot.

  2. Congrats on no more boot!
    I’ll just be three weeks post-op tomorrow.
    It’s been encouraging reading about people’s recoveries on this site.
    Good luck in PT!

  3. No more boot! That’s awesome. Every little step is so exciting. I’m really learning a lot about all the different protocols for recovery. No two are the same, that’s for sure. Keep up the great work.

  4. Thank you Tima and Junebug! Yep being free of the boot is the 2nd big step … walking is the first. :) Next week I get to ditch the night splint - whoopie!

    Good luck in your healing journey Tima!

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