Got the OK to start walking in the boot!

Finally got to see my doc at the 5 week mark.  My earlier appointment was pushed out a week since his wife had their baby early.  He had me push on his hand and said my strength is good and he said the achilles felt good as I was pushing.  He also gave me the OK to start walking - yay!  A week earlier than I expected.  This time he will have me transition through wedges.  I’m starting at 9/16", then transition to 7/16", then to 5/16".  This is definitely different from my right foot.  For that foot I just started walking in the boot, no wedges, at week 6.

One thing for sure - I’m a LOT taller with the boot and the wedge - LOL!

OK to walk!

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  1. And I just needed the crutch for about a day and a half. No tingling in the heel this time either. Not sure if it is because I’m walking sooner, the damage was less severe or if it is the wedge. I definitely had the pins/needle tingling in my right foot when I started walking. I’m almost able to be in the boot all day. Of course I don’t have to be upright for a lot of hours and when I feel things get swollen and tight I elevate and ice.

  2. Great! Good Luck!

  3. Love this pic! The heel tingling is definitely something you can do without!!

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  4. Well I compared the wedges the tech put in against the heel risers my doc gave me and they had 2 7/16″ wedges in which does NOT equal 9/16″ which is what my doc said to start at. So I took out the aircast wedges and added in the 9/16″ wedge my doc gave me. In a week or so I’ll change to one 7/16″ wedge. Then in another 2 weeks I’ll move into 5/16″ and I’ll be starting to transition into shoes at around the same time.

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