Retired so far!

11/5/2018 - This is the 12 week/3 month mark and I get to retire all kinds of things!  I can remove the heel lifts and walk barefoot so I’ll be retiring the shower stool and the heel lift I made to wear in my croc when I was in the shower.  And I can stop wearing the night splint - woohoo! I’ll note when I actually retire the shoe heel lifts. I’m still needing them so they aren’t retired just yet

Shower stool is retired!

Night splint is retired

shower heel lifts retired

10/23/2018 - I did my last 4 hour stint in my boot and now it and my evenup are retired!

boot and evenup are retired
10/11/2018 -

Next thing to be retired is my knee scooter!

knee scooter is now retired!

And the guest bathroom! Now that I’m in shoes I can shower on 2 feet using my crocs with a heel lift I made from some very firm foam padding from something that was shipped to us. I’m still using the stool in our shower since I can’t stand on one foot yet in order to wash the good foot.

guest shower is no longer needed since I can stand on 2 feet!

9/21/2018 -
I only used the crutches for about 2 days after I started walking in the boot. And even then I only used 1 crutch. I mainly used them when I was NWB to get from the drivers door to the back of the car where my scooter was. I’m not good on them so I didn’t want to risk falling and injuring the surgery foot. I did fall on them when I had my right foot surgery so this time I was extra cautious with them.

crutches are retired

9/19/2018 -

I used my bell one more time a few days ago when I was upstairs and just too tired to scooter to the stairs and butt scoot down the stairs to go get some ice. I also wanted to use it while a mutual friend was at our house visiting. She got a big kick out of it - LOL! Now that I’m walking it is much easier to go up/down the stairs to get something so I’ll let hubby off the hook. :)

bells to summon hubby if I need something

I get to start my "retired" post earlier with my left foot than I did with my right. I showered with my bare foot tonight - whoopie! So the cast cover is retired. The incision area is covered with steri strips and still has scabbing. Once the steri strips fall off I can start scar massaging. That can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks.

Cast cover is now retired!

7 Responses to “Retired so far!”

  1. Look at you retiring things already! Way to go!!

  2. LOL! Thank you Shell! Can’t wait until I can retire the scooter, but that is weeks away yet. Drats! :)

  3. You’re almost at week 3….week 6 will be here in no time! What week am I on?

  4. Hmmm - we won’t talk about what week you’re on :) I’m just hoping you keep making forward progress!!!! <3

  5. I just updated this to add in the things I got to retire at the 3 month mark.

  6. I cannot wait until I can retire the iWalk. Invaluable but I hate that thing. Hopefully this is my last week of it. Fingers crossed!

  7. Oh I hope it is your last week with it June! Moving to PWB is the first big milestone!

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