Stitches are out!

2 weeks post op and my stitches are out!  I had to be a bit pushy about it - LOL!  The nurse initially told me the doc didn’t want them out until he saw me next - which was in another 2 weeks.  I did NOT want stitches in that long so I got a bit pushy.  So she had my doc come in to check it out and things were healed enough to take the stitches out - yay!  He even said I could do some gentle ROM exercises.  That was a surprise since I couldn’t do any ROM on my right foot until the 4 week mark.  It could be because the damage in the left foot wasn’t as much as the damage he found with the right foot.  So even with the same person and same doctor the recovery protocol differs because what the surgeon found during surgery was different.  In a day or 2 I can wash my foot too - that will be nice.  Have to wait for the little stitch holes to heal up.

Foot before stitches.  Heel is to the left

Foot after stitches were removed. Heel is on the bottom

And - if the nurse or doc doesn’t offer to spray the incision area with numbing spray before stitches come out - ask them to.   On my right foot the nurse just pulled them out and it hurt quite a bit!  Granted there was more postop bleeding from the wound in the right foot which probably made things a bit stickier around the stitches.  The nurse today had the numbing spray ready to go and I only had one little sting from one of the stitches.  Much easier on me than the first time around.

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  1. Starting with ROM at week 2 sounds really good! You will get to PWB in great condition!!

  2. Hi There! I am about 1-week post-op for an achilles rupture repair. A little bit different from you, but it will be nice to have someone “walking” thru the journey at the same time.


  3. I was pretty amazed that I could do ROM already masterplus40! And happy, of course!

    You’re just 1 week behind me Andrea! Be ready for the long road to recovery! I just did another “hurt foot” workout at home. And, yes, you can work up quite a sweat without using your feet. :) And let me emphasize, if your doctor didn’t - ELEVATE AND ICE!!!! I believe that is one of the key reasons I had very little pain when I had my right foot surgery 1.5 years ago and I have very little pain now. And my doc told me it is definitely the reason that I was on the most optimum time frame for recovery for my right foot. I’m feeling much better at the 2 week mark with my left foot compared to my right. Part of that is because I was only on pain pills for 3 days this time around. Even with just 3 days it took me a full week to purge them from my body. Totally weird since I had no such problem with my right foot. I’m guessing it is because I had a major diet change last December. I went vegan (for other health reasons) and it clearly changes the way my body reacts to opioids - and not in a good way. But if this is your first time around be sure to also keep ahead of the pain. You don’t want to be laying around, unable to rest because things hurt. There are definite pluses and minuses to narcotic pain pills. And every body reacts differently to them.

  4. Andrea,

    It seems I am right behind you. My surgery was 2 weeks ago. They removed my cast and stitchesand put me into a boot. Swelling seemed minimal and I have had little to no pain. Do people sleep in this boot?

  5. Hey Barry. I slept in mine. I think the idea in the early stages is to keep the foot locked in place to allow the tendon to heal with no ankle movement.

    Best of luck to you on your recovery!

  6. Once I got into the boot they also gave me a night boot. Here is a link to one

    I’m now transitioning to shoes and my doc still wants me to use the night boot. Of course, I had to ask why I still have to wear the darn think. And he said to keep the achilles from contracting while it is still healing. So it isn’t movement that is the issue - it is keeping the foot at 90 degrees while things are still healing that is important.

    If I have a question about things I always ask my doc - LOL! If I understand why then I’ll follow directions and he will always tell me why something is needed from a medical perspective.

    Check with your doc to see if a night boot/splint would work for you as well. He might have one available. There is NO way I could sleep in the walking boot. The aircast is much too uncomfortable to the other leg. Actually it is sometimes uncomfortable for the surgery leg too. Too much hard plastic that pushes on things. I liked the boot they used when I had my right foot done 1.5 years ago. The techs were scoffing at them but I would rather had had one of the old ones since I didn’t need the inflatable balloons in the aircast and all the hard plastic is just uncomfortable.

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