Well the new cast/splint I got yesterday and my foot did not get along. The edges of the plaster support hit my ankle right where the swelling is on the left and where the incision is on the right. Needless to say I finally cut it off this morning to get some relief. No sleep last night so I went in today to get it redone. Since they can’t really do the splint different my cast tech called my doc to see if he could just put me in the boot. And YAY! I’m booted now. Wearing my comfy night boot and showing my walking boot. I won’t be walking for another 5 weeks but it will keep my foot safe as I scooter around during the day. No generic black boot this time around!  Not sure when they switched to an aircast or perhaps I got one because my feet are so sensitive.  :)

I can honestly say I had no problems like this with the right foot.  It was just so uncomfortable and I couldn’t do anything to get relief other than cut the dang thing off.  I’m sure the fact that I’m off the percocet added to my inability to sleep.  But I got another round of nausea 3 days after getting off percocet.  I’m feeling much better in many ways tonight so maybe the damn drug is finally metabolized out of my system.    Things were bad enough last night that I was considering taking it again, but then I would think about the nausea and that kept me from taking it again.

I'm booted!

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  1. Sharp! Wearing one just like it and gotta say I look cool.
    Sorry about the challenges in the early going. I’m sure you’ll be getting along better very soon.

  2. Thank you Jeff! After 4.5 days I think the percoset is finally flushed out of my system. No nausea since 3:30AM and stomach feels normal now. Now is the hurry up and wait time. 2 more weeks of elevating 90% of the time. Stitches should come out next week. At 3 weeks I’ll get to do ROM exercises too - yay!

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