5 days postop

Just got back from my 5 day check.  Cut off the splint, checked the wound, put on a new splint.

Foot 5 days after bone spur surgery

Since the percoset was making me very nauseated and light headed I stopped taking it 2 days ago. However, after the "exertion" of going to my postop checkup and back more of it metabolized and made me nauseous and light headed again - I felt bad enough that I took another anti-nausea pill. I was pretty surprised! Then I did some reading and found that percoset can be detected in your urine up to 4 days after you stop taking it …. ack!!! So I need to do more activity in order to get this stuff metabolized and out of my system. So some laps with the knee scooter and some exercises are in the plan now. I really want to get my stomach back to feeling normal again.

Fortunately tylenol and icing are taking care of the bit of pain that I have.

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