And the recovery process starts again!

Elevating at home after surgery

And the healing process begins again ….

Had surgery on my left foot yesterday to remove a bone spur/Haglunds deformity.  The doc said the damage was less for this foot.  Not surprising since I had the bone spur on my right foot for over a decade before I had it removed.  However the pain is greater on this foot.  I’m guessing that is because before surgery I was getting pain in many more areas of my foot (nerve under the ankle, pains shooting up my calf, pain all over the bump area) compared to my right foot (just pain all over the bump area).  So more nerves/tendons/… were annoyed before surgery and probably got annoyed during surgery as well.  Or the long term painkiller they inject at surgery may not be as effective on this foot.  Who knows?  The pain meds keep it down to a throb and it’s not much more painful than before surgery so I’ll manage.

So now the 3 week ice/elevate process begins.  I go in Monday for a check of the surgery site.

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  1. Hey Susan! Hope your pain has eased a bit today. Have a relaxing weekend and try to enjoy the down time. Life returns to normal very quickly!

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  2. Thank you Shell! Actually my pain has eased. Since the pain meds make me very nauseous and my foot wasn’t really too painful when I slept through the 4 hours mark for the pain pill I switched to 1/2 doses now. I’ve had 3 1/2 doses and so far so good. Less discomfort than for the first 3 days with full strength pain pills. The sooner I get off pain meds the sooner I’ll feel more normal.

  3. And after another nasty session of nausea after not taking the anti-nausea pill exactly on schedule I’ve ditched the percoset. The negative affects are just more than I want to deal with on top of the foot surgery. Almost 24 hours without percocet and I just have some throbbing in the foot so tylenol and ice are keeping the pain in check. And almost 24 hours without it and my stomach still isn’t quite happy so I’m not sure how long it takes to clear that stuff out.

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