Getting ready!

Preop appt is done, disabled placard is ready to go, left foot surgery countdown … 9 days Same doc as for my right foot.  He won’t let me walk on hills until the 6 month mark so the disabled placard is good for 6 months.  Once I start walking I don’t typically use it, but I did have a consulting job in about month 5 after my first foot surgery where the non-disabled parking was down a steep hill so I did actually use the placard in the 5th/6th months after the first surgery.
california disabled placard - good until I can walk on hills again in 6 months

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  1. Good luck with your other leg. The good news is that you know the drill. You will be back on the pitch in no time!

  2. Thank you Tim! Yep - I know the drill :) I should be back on the pitch in January if all goes as expected.

  3. So, todays the day - hope all goes well. I miss your cheerful posts on the site - say hi when you are able.

  4. Thank you sweet70! Yep yesterday was the day. I finally got my laptop so I can start posting here. I hate doing things like this from my phone - LOL! My achilles healing journey has begun again!

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