Retired so far!

11/5/2018 - This is the 12 week/3 month mark and I get to retire all kinds of things!  I can remove the heel lifts and walk barefoot so I’ll be retiring the shower stool and the heel lift I made to wear in my croc when I was in the shower.  And I can stop [...]

Stitches are out!

2 weeks post op and my stitches are out!  I had to be a bit pushy about it - LOL!  The nurse initially told me the doc didn’t want them out until he saw me next - which was in another 2 weeks.  I did NOT want stitches in that long so I got a [...]


Well the new cast/splint I got yesterday and my foot did not get along. The edges of the plaster support hit my ankle right where the swelling is on the left and where the incision is on the right. Needless to say I finally cut it off this morning to [...]

5 days postop

Just got back from my 5 day check.  Cut off the splint, checked the wound, put on a new splint.

Since the percoset was making me very nauseated and light headed I stopped taking it 2 days ago. However, after the "exertion" of going to my postop checkup and back more of it metabolized and [...]

And the recovery process starts again!

And the healing process begins again ….
Had surgery on my left foot yesterday to remove a bone spur/Haglunds deformity.  The doc said the damage was less for this foot.  Not surprising since I had the bone spur on my right foot for over a decade before I had it removed.  However the pain is greater [...]

Getting ready!

Preop appt is done, disabled placard is ready to go, left foot surgery countdown … 9 days Same doc as for my right foot.  He won’t let me walk on hills until the 6 month mark so the disabled placard is good for 6 months.  Once I start walking I don’t typically use it, [...]

My Last Hurrah before the next surgery

I got in a trip to Norway to play soccer on an amazing field before my surgery in about 1.5 weeks. I’m going to get in at least a couple of games at home too. This is the amazing field
Here are both teams after the game in Henningsvaer:

And both [...]