Getting ready for the next foot!

My left foot is getting worse and I really tweaked the achilles while trying to sprint after a speed demon in my last soccer game. I hoped to get my left foot fixed after a September tournament but, based on my last game, I doubt I’ll be playing very well by September so I called my doc and have my surgery scheduled for 8/15. Another bone spur removal which will involved cutting my achilles, grinding off a LOT of bone and reattaching the achilles. I know the drill and what will be involved since my right foot had the same surgery 2/2017. Now that I know how good things feel afterwards I’m looking forward to this surgery. Quite a difference from my first surgery - which was my first surgery ever. I was REALLY stressed out before I had it. Since my foot surgery I’ve had 2 other minor surgeries so I’m well versed in pre- and post- surgery protocols :)

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  1. Oh dear - good luck with that. Hope all goes well and there won’t be any complications!

    I’ve read somewhere that your doctor did not recommend barefoot walking until the 6 months mark - is that correct? Could you share again why and what the risks are? I just wonder as I read some other people saying that their doctors recommended it …
    My doctor check up was very fast and they just told me to walk now - ideally without the boot. For the rest - they told me to ask the physiotherapist (whom I’m not seeing for another two weeks).

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi bdelputte!

    I asked the same question of my doc since I LOVE going barefoot - LOL! Walking barefoot stresses a lot of muscles, tendons and bones so he wants to make sure all the muscles and tendons are strong enough and that the bone is also strong enough to hold everything in place. If you walk barefoot too early you run the risk of breaking bones. For my surgery I was 6 weeks NWB and in that time your muscles and tendons shrink massively and you lose some bone mass in your foot/leg bones. If you were NWB for less time then you won’t have lost as much muscle/tendon/bone strength/mass. However he was OK with me wearing crocs so that’s what I used in the shower. I normally wear crocs around the house anyway (though not usually upstairs where it is carpeted) so wearing crocs was an acceptable compromise.

  3. Girl I can’t believe you Arw having the other foot done! I’m in the same spot though! Oct 2017 was my left. Today is like 7.5 month mark. I need the other one done but I’m hoping to catch another half marathon in November 18 and 1-2 in the spring and then fall of 19 have the other one ton.

    I have found if I’m icing both heels mid day and then later in the night is an absolute God-send for me. I’m up to 35 minutes running and ZERO pain while running in repaired one. Post run is when I’m noticing stiffness and some throbbing around my insision/scar.

    Since ur over a year post surgery and back to playing soccer have u experienced ANY reforming of the spur on the surgery one?

  4. LOL Sean! I am definitely getting the other foot done. I was like you - I thought I could wait a couple of years. Then as I got back in shape and started playing more aggressively the left foot started hurting a LOT more than it used to. I don’t know if I just didn’t notice it since the right foot was so bad or if it really started getting much worse much faster. Initially I thought - well maybe in a couple of years, then I thought maybe next Feb, then I wanted to play in a September tournament and THEN get it done. But a couple of weeks ago I tried to sprint after a fast, young gal and my left achilles put a quick stop to that. It hurt much worse than my right ever did when I sprinted. That told me the bone spur was bugging much different things and I would be pretty useless in a tournament by September so … I’ll play in a tournament this weekend and will play a couple of games during a soccer trip to Norway in July/August and I’m having the surgery 2 weeks after we get back from Norway. If the Norway trip wasn’t so much fun and if we didn’t already have reservations locked in I might have skipped that as well…. it got to be that painful … And I get periodic nerve spasms as well so it may be that a piece of the spur has broken off and is stabbing things (that happened with my right foot - as the doc found when he opened things up - it also explained the random spasms I was getting with my right foot before I had the surgery).

    The pain in my left is very different - it’s bugging the nerve that goes under the ankle bone and the achilles just hurts like heck when I try to really sprint (a requirement when playing soccer). I can still jump on my left foot which I could not do with my right for about 9 months before the surgery. Icing helps a bit - but not enough to have me delay the surgery.

    Now as to reforming of the spur - I can’t tell. There is a small bump on the right but I don’t know if that is normal or not. When I see my foot doc for my preop appt I’m going to ask him if the bump is normal or is another spur forming. It took over a decade for the current spurs to get so bad I was willing to do surgery so if I get a decade or more I’ll be moving a LOT slower in soccer since I’ll be almost 70 and may not care if they hurt a bit - LOL!

    And you’re doing WAY better than I did at 7.5 months - LOL! I hate running unless I’m playing soccer so I never got up to 35 minutes of just running :) But I was playing soccer for 90 minutes by the 7.5 month mark and I think I was still icing afterwards. But I didn’t have to wear my heel pad anymore!! I can’t live without it on my left foot now when I’m doing any exercise …

  5. Hey cserpent! (I’ve been off Facebook since mid April, so I’ll say hi here!). Sorry to hear you’ve had to bump up your second surgery. But the sooner you get it done the sooner you’ll be kicking that soccer ball around again! Just think - come February you’ll already be 6 months post-op instead of just starting out! Hoping it goes as smoothly as #1.
    I’m still struggling. VERY frustrating. 35 minutes of pain free running sounds like an impossible dream to me. Heck, pain free walking for 35 minutes sounds like an impossible dream. Ah well….

  6. Sorry you’re still having pain and struggling Shelley. :( I hope the 2nd surgery goes as well too. One never knows though, until you have it. Keep working on it! Of course I know you will. Big hugs!!! … Susan

  7. If I forget to stop by again before 8/15, good luck!!!!

  8. Thank you Sam!

  9. I just popped in to reply to a comment and noticed you are getting your other foot done! Bless your heart! I know it is different when surgery is planned and in your case it will be relief from pain, but it has been such a long process for ya! Hope your second time around is easier and as successful as your first repair! :)

  10. Thank you Agnes! My right foot is great and my left foot is getting bad enough that it is time to get it fixed. I’m in Norway right now with a bunch of gals to play some soccer games. If I wasn’t in Norway I would have schedule my surgery for July - LOL! I get back, have about 12 days to get things ready and then the foot gets fixed! I’m looking forward to it this time. And I do hope the 2nd time around goes as smoothly as it did the first time around. This bone spur isn’t centered, it is skewed to the outside of my heel and is bugging the nerve so I expect some differences in the surgery. Won’t really know until the doc gets in there to see what all is in the way to get to the bone.

  11. I appreciate the amount of info here, in particular the blogs of serpent and agnes. They give me inspiration for complete healing and a return to normal activities as well as sports. I compare my rehab protocol to theirs (and others) and adjust accordingly, and then bounce ideas off my PT/surgical team. I am planning a long distance trek in Nepal, fall 2019, and need a good right leg.

  12. Glad my journey through the surgery and healing could help you Tim! You can definitely get back to normal activities however active they may be in time. The key things I found were to do all the exercises given by my doc or PT and don’t push things without checking with them first. Overdoing it is not the goal during recovery. :)

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