9 month mark!

It’s my 9 month anniversary :) I’m heading to Vegas for a soccer tournament this weekend - whoopie! I’m doing all the activities I did before my surgery but am still working on getting my full stamina and leg strength back. Granted I’ve gotten very sloppy about doing any achilles-specific exercises. I’m back to my routine of various exercises classes or a soccer game every day except Wednesday. My achilles feels great, in fact it feels way better than before surgery since it is not inflamed all the time. I really should make a point of doing some targeted exercises (and running) in order to get my full leg strength and aerobic capacity back - but it’s more fun to take my classes and play soccer games - LOL! I just don’t like exercising by myself which is what I had to do as I recovered. I think I’m revolting against that now.

So - if you’re just starting out your journey be sure to follow the doctors orders, do your PT (when you get to that point) and then do what ever exercise you can (and that your doctor allows) as you recover. Those who had ATR will have a somewhat different journey than those of us with a bone spur. For me I have no worries about another rupture and am still sooo happy that my achilles feels so good now! Being able to wear any shoe I want without worrying about adding a pad to the back of the heel and wearing a gel pad is awesome! Not having to ice it down after every soccer game is great!

Good luck in your recovery and if you’re just beginning the journey be sure to ice (behind the knee) and elevate!

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  1. That’s great you have confidence do play soccer without worrying about re-injury (and even being stronger than before). I rationalize that since my injury was a freak collision (being knocked down and then a runner tripping over my Achilles) I can go back to pretending I’m 20 once I’ve healed.

  2. Well since mine wasn’t an injury - it was an on-purpose I definitely don’t worry about it - LOL! And yours was definitely a freak accident. :)

  3. Congrats on the anniversary! lol. Totally agree on the doctors orders and exercises. I catch myself being so busy with work and life and family I forget to do my exercises.

    I have found the best thing for me has been the POOL. Just walking in the pool and doing my exercises in the pool was amazing. I am up to 20 minutes on the bike and swimming about 10 minutes straight.

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