My first HIIT class since February!

Well I was able to get in 1 more soccer game before our 2 week, between season hiatus. Tonight I went to the High Intensity Interval Training class for the first time since February. I did OK. I definitely don’t have the aerobic capacity or leg strength back yet. I was able to do some of the hopping, but towards the end of class I switched to the reduced impact form since my legs and foot were really feeling it. Still - it was good to get back to another class since I get really bored going to the gym and exercising on my own. Tomorrow is my rest day though I’ll still do my glute PT exercises and calf raises.

2 Responses to “My first HIIT class since February!”

  1. Congratz cserpent on your HIIT, and recovery thus far.

  2. Thank you giov! It is a long road - but I’ve been fortunate that mine has been pretty much on track to what my doc told me way back in February.

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