3 soccer games under my belt :)

I played 2 games with the 55+ league and decided to give the 47+ league a try last night. I still need to work on my leg strength and aerobic capacity but my foot didn’t have any issues. Some of the muscles on the outside of the foot were a bit sore but nothing serious. Managed to score an own goal - LOL! Everyone just said “Welcome back!” Hahahahaha! My IT band (on both sides) and glutes weren’t nearly as sore after this game as they have been after the other 2 so I think I’m finally noticing an improvement in their strength. And the knot I’ve had in my IT band on the surgery side is gone, finally. So I’m slowly working my way towards 3-4 soccer games a week. I emailed my surgeon to let him know that things were going well and he thanked me for being a good patient, doing what I was told and doing my rehab diligently. I have to say it felt great to not need to ice my achilles after a game for the first time in 10 years. And, of course, just as I’m ramping up my soccer playing the 2 week break between summer and fall leagues happens after next week. That means I’ll have to start trying to run again :( But before that I’ll play 2 more games.

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  1. I’m happy to hear you’re doing so well cserpent! And sounds like positive progress is still happening. I thought you’d be amused to know that for the first time in my life, I bought a soccer ball today! Not to play soccer (I’ve always hated soccer - I always say if I want to run, I’ll just go run…why are we all chasing after this ball!!), but to do some simple exercises rolling my foot around on top of it, while seated, and dribbling it back and forth from foot to foot, and kicking it into a wall to get the eversion movement. Clearly I’m still well behind you.

  2. Thank you Shell! So funny - I say if I want to run I’ll play soccer - LOL! I hate running just to run. :) Glad you’re using it for something good - like getting the foot better! Hope things are healing up and hurting less for you now!

  3. Hey I’m happy to hear you score!!!!! What a great feeling I’m sure.

    Question I’m at 9 weeks and I can’t keep the sweeping down. Did you have this problem?

  4. Well scoring an own goal isn’t exactly great - LOL! But I did have good form - just kicked it into the wrong net. I assume you mean you’re still having swelling issues. I think I did have some swelling still at 9 weeks and when I did I would elevate and ice. There isn’t much else you can do. Swelling happens for a while.

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