A hike up some steep terrain

I went on a hike with my bro today.   From what the gal who organized it said it was 1.9 miles one way and ~780 feet of elevation rise.   The first part was through on of the open space parks and it was VERY steep.  I did have to walk sideways in a few spots because the angle was more than the achilles wanted to be stretched.  I made it up that loooonnnggg hill and then we were on city streets, but still going uphill with a few almost flat spots.  Then we got to the final climb (still on city streets) to get us to the top of Mt. Soledad.  As we started up one really steep segment I bailed.  My achilles was giving me the sign that it was ready to go downhill.  I warned my bro ahead of time that I had no idea if I would be able to do the entire hike - just so he wouldn’t be bummed out - LOL!  So I told  my bro and his friend to continue up and I headed back downhill to the car.  It was a good cardio workout and a good workout for the achilles.  I’m going to hike it again in a month and see if I can make it to the top then.  In the meantime I think I’ll go do some hiking in our local canyon since we have a steep trail down into it which should give the achilles a good workout and stretch.  :)

As to my official PT work - it has slowed down a bit.  I had a minor surgery last week and can’t do any jogging, jumping or hopping for the next week or so.  Those were the main things I was doing  improve my cardio and achilles strength.  I REALLY wish doctors would ask you what your normal activities are before they tell you you can return to normal activities 1-2 days after surgery.   It wasn’t until I got the post-surgery instructions that I found out vigorous exercise should not be done for 2 weeks.   Vigorous exercise IS part of my normal activities.  I doubt I’ll last 2 weeks, unless the incision tells me it isn’t ready for vigorous exercise.  One thing I learned from my foot surgery - listen to your body.  :)  So for now I just do 1-footed calf raises, eccentric heel drops, …   I’m going to see if the elliptical is gentle enough on the incision tomorrow.  If so then I can get a good cardio workout from that.  And hiking into and out of my canyon will help my achilles gain more flexibility and strength.

The view from the top of the nature park:
View from the top of the La Jolla nature park

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  1. Wow this is awesome so happy for you!!! A hike!!!! Let me know how the elliptical goes.

  2. Congrats Cserpent! I have not checked the site in a while, and here you go - hiking! That’s awesome. Btw, heel lifts, or inserts, if you have some already, help in these initial weeks of hiking. I used to just put them in my hiking boots and was able to go on slightly steeper terrain that way (I live in really hilly area and hike a lot). Hope you heal well from your other procedure and are able to continue your regualr achilles rehab soon! :)

  3. Thank you Agnes and Ty! I haven’t yet made it to the elliptical - LOL! I have done the elliptical and since I can add in incline it is much more of a workout. I did a spin class tonight which didn’t bug my incision (totally not foot related - LOL) and I’m going to try elliptical tomorrow.

    The heel lifts is a good idea Agnes. I’m going to try hiking in/out of my local canyon for some hills - though not as steep as the hills I hiked on Tuesday. That Tuesday hike will be my monthly test for improvement - LOL! Once I can get all the way up Mt. Soledad I know I’ve gotten stronger and more flexible - LOL!

    I’m healing up nicely from the other procedure though not ready for jumping/running just yet. But I can get some good strengthening from the eccentric heal lifts. I’m up to 33 calf raises on one foot - not quite up to your 60 Agnes - LOL! I can only do about 33 on the good calf too so it is getting some strengthening as well. Of course it is still easier to do on the good leg. But the first 10-15 calf raises now feel pretty normal on my surgery foot - so that makes me happy!

  4. Did the elliptical yesterday and was able to do some jumps - yay! Yesterday evening I started massaging my scar and tendon and it was a bit sore. Guess I need to keep massaging things even 6+ months later. After quite a bit of massaging things felt better. Haven’t massaged anything in my foot in weeks. Need to get out and do some jogging today to see if my other incision is good with that or not. Hopefully it is so I can play soccer tomorrow.

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