Back on the pitch!

Well I gave soccer a try today.  A league for 55+ and quite a few of the gals are over 60, shorter field, but not a skinnier field.  I played for 3/4 of the game and stopped when my achilles was feeling a bit achy.  Probably should have stopped at half time - but oh well!  I actually have more pain in my IT band right now that my achilles.  I have a serious knot in that muscle (or maybe it is one of the glute muscles that are on the side of the hip).  I keep foam rolling and stretching so hopefully I’ll work it out eventually.  It has been about 3 hours since I stopped and the achilles feels pretty good so I didn’t massively overdue things.  It’s a little sore in some spots - but nothing massive.  I’ll play in this more mellow league for a few weeks before I try things out in a league with a full size field and younger players.    And I didn’t even play too badly considering I haven’t played in probably 7 months (we were getting many rainouts before my surgery).

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  1. Congrats on getting back to soccer again! Good to hear that your Achilles held up for the most part. I hope it still feels good tomorrow.

  2. Thank you Shell! The achilles is still feeling OK - but the knot in my IT band or hip flexor or whatever it is is really a pain - LOL! Obviously some parts of my leg object to me starting to run again. Of course I haven’t done any sustained running for 10+ years - just the running in soccer - which is bursts and then walk or watch - so that probably has something to do with it :)

  3. That’s great news, cserpent! You’ll have a Neymar-level contract offer in no time. :)

  4. Oh now wouldn’t that be sweet! LOL! I think Neymar can dribble circles around me 5 times over and probably can pop the ball over me head and catch it coming down on the other side before I even turn around - hahahahaha!

  5. Good work :) Sounds like me - Achilles is fine but the other one and my knee hurt now

  6. Thanks Morcs! And, FYI, had some one on one training with a soccer coach I used to get clinics from. A great discovery today - running backwards uses very different foot muscles from running forwards - LOL! I was quite amazed and it was quite hard to do! So - if you want to work on other things - do some backwards running - and, once you are allowed to hop on one foot, do skipping!

  7. Part of my pool therapy is backwards walking. After my last surgery part of my rehab was stepping up the stairs backwards. Haven’t gotten that far yet this time around. Definitely uses different muscles!

  8. Hmm - I should try the stairs - haven’t done that either :)

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