My first HIIT class since February!

Well I was able to get in 1 more soccer game before our 2 week, between season hiatus. Tonight I went to the High Intensity Interval Training class for the first time since February. I did OK. I definitely don’t have the aerobic capacity or leg strength back yet. I was [...]

3 soccer games under my belt :)

I played 2 games with the 55+ league and decided to give the 47+ league a try last night. I still need to work on my leg strength and aerobic capacity but my foot didn’t have any issues. Some of the muscles on the outside of the foot were a bit sore but [...]

A hike up some steep terrain

I went on a hike with my bro today.   From what the gal who organized it said it was 1.9 miles one way and ~780 feet of elevation rise.   The first part was through on of the open space parks and it was VERY steep.  I did have to walk sideways in a few spots [...]

Back on the pitch!

Well I gave soccer a try today.  A league for 55+ and quite a few of the gals are over 60, shorter field, but not a skinnier field.  I played for 3/4 of the game and stopped when my achilles was feeling a bit achy.  Probably should have stopped at half time - but oh [...]