And now I’m OK to do “anything” - LOL!

Well I saw my doc today and he cleared me to do anything.  LOL!  He was happy I could do 1-footed calf raises.  I told him the strength is NOT the same yet between both legs and he said that’s normal.  I also told him how much trouble I’ve had adding distance with running.  He checked out my shoes and told me to buy some with a much less flexible sole.  Not as stiff as a bike shoe, but he was able to fold mine in half quite easily and he said they should have some stiffness in the middle.   Since mine are so flexible it causes the achilles to have to do too much work keeping everything in place and stable as I run.  So I’ll go out tomorrow and check out shoes to see what pair to buy now :)

He also reminded me, again, that it takes a year to get to the point where you don’t even notice you had surgery.   I see him again at the year mark unless something pops up before that.  I’ll email him with my progress as I do more things just to let him know how things are progressing.  I do plan on playing soccer in the "old ladies" league on Sunday to see how things feel.  I see my PT guy again on Wed so I’ll see what he thinks "anything" is.  I already scheduled a session with my soccer trainer for next week.  He has experience with training for injury recovery so I’m curious to see what he has me do.

In the meantime I’ll continue with my hopping/running/calf raises/squats/lunges/…  I also reviewed Agnes’ videos and I’ll add some squats with weights on the bosu since normal squats take no effort at all right now.  I was thinking about hop scotch and I should probably do that for my PT - LOL! - it’s basically the same exercises of 1 and 2 footed hopping forward and I can modify it to go backwards and sideways as well - LOL!

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  1. Sounds like you’re doing great cserpent! Keep at it. Congrats on being cleared for “Anything”!! I bet you’ll be playing in that Labour Day soccer tourney!

  2. Thank you Shell! I’m not so sure of the tournament still since that involves pretty competitive playing. I’ll see how things go with the old ladies league and then the assessment of the soccer trainer. He worked with me last year so he’ll have a good feel for where I’m at now versus where I need to be.

  3. Ha - forgot to say that the doc asked me “so when are we doing your left foot”!!! I just laughed and said - when it gets bad. Since I can still wear closed heel shoes with no pain it isn’t even close to being bad and it is MUCH smaller than the one on my right foot was. He agreed that the spur/growth on my right foot was REALLY big - LOL! So perhaps I won’t wait so long on my left foot if it continues to grow. :) I’m sure some of the strength I’m getting back in the right foot now was lost before the surgery when I couldn’t jump 1-footed for many months due to the pain.

  4. This is great news, I am so happy for you. Keep us in the loop about your Soccer game.

  5. Thank you Ty! I’m heading out to go running in my new shoes. We’ll see if they make a difference :)

  6. Saw my PT guy today. We talked about my slowing pace of healing which he said is normal for this part of the healing process. He also said that if my achilles is still sore hours after I exercise then I’m doing too much - oops! He said back off on things - don’t run as far, do two legged jumps instead of 1 legged jumps, … So I have to back off a bit and let things get stronger more slowly - bummer! He did say it was OK to play soccer this weekend with the more mellow crowd. And, of course, don’t overdue it, don’t be too aggressive, ….

    He also checked out my glute strength and there is still an issue with that. Apparently my body is very good at using other muscles when I should be using my glutes. So I have to concentrate more on making sure the glutes are used as I do various exercises and even getting up/down from chairs. It’s going to take some work to reprogram my muscle memory - apparently - LOL!

    Today is my rest day for the foot so I’ll just do glute exercises.

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