Week #22 - things are slowing down …

Well the days of seeing weekly improvement seem to be gone. I added one lap to my run today and the achilles wasn’t happy. Tweaked it a little balancing on the bosu ball 2 days ago (even though I’ve been doing that for weeks with no problem!). I have serious doubts that I’ll be playing in a soccer tournament Labor day weekend considering running 3/4 mile made my foot unhappy. 2 days ago I thought I would be able to start jumping side to side on 1 foot (I did a couple of them) but today it was a struggle just to jump up/down in one spot. Kind of depressing but it is what it is! I see my doc and have PT next week so we’ll see what they both say.

I was comparing the right leg to the left and even the muscles around the ankle are smaller. It is definitely taking a long time to get the strength back …. I was doing the calf drops on the stairs but the achilles has just been too sore lately.

So nothing new and exciting to report - just that it gets a bit depressing when you don’t see any noticeable improvement in things.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear this cserpent. It is a long haul, isn’t it. I wouldn’t give up hope just yet of playing in your soccer tournament.
    I’ve seen some regression in my progress lately as well. Theraband exercises which I’ve been doing for weeks and easily could do 3 sets of 10. Then suddenly the 3 sets were a struggle. And even 2 sets would aggravate my anterior tibial tendon for the rest of the day. Then even 1 set was hard. And now my PT has said take a week or so off all together. I find myself reminding her that my surgeon said it would be a long and slow recover, and progress very gradual. I’ve told her more than once not to look so discouraged! That’s not how it’s supposed to work! But I know she is frustrated too, because she wants to see me improve too. My appointment next week, will be my 50th one with her, both surgeries combined. Ugh.
    I’m interested to hear what your surgeon will say next week as well.
    I’m always kind of wondering to myself how a perfectly good ankle can go so far downhill with a little surgery and then being non weight bearing for a few weeks. Then I remind myself, it wasn’t a perfectly good ankle to start with! Even before my first surgery, I know that ankle wasn’t right. I had painful feet (mostly that foot) at the end of the day for years before. And I know you had troubles for years as well. So it’s the toil of years we’re trying to get over now. Something like that takes time to undo. And it wasn’t a little surgery. It’s a pretty major one. We will get there. We’ll keep our chins up together. Deal?!

  2. Thank you Shell! Yes my hubby reminds me that I have probably been favoring that foot for the 10+ years that it has been paining me so I’m probably making up for a LOT of years of giving it somewhat lighter duty than the left leg. :)

    So - yes - it’s a deal. We’ll keep our chins up together! I’ll email my PT guy today to see what he suggests as well. My guess is it will be the same as yours - take some time off - give the foot a rest. :) Hmm - perhaps I should do some swimming for a few days instead of running. Haven’t done that in weeks!

    And today a friend of mine who makes beautiful glass beads that I use in my jewelry sent me a beautiful little boot in memory of my booted days! A perfect little pick me up! I ordered some gorgeous rose buds from her and she tucked the boot into the packaging :)

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