And now I’m OK to do “anything” - LOL!

Well I saw my doc today and he cleared me to do anything.  LOL!  He was happy I could do 1-footed calf raises.  I told him the strength is NOT the same yet between both legs and he said that’s normal.  I also told him how much trouble I’ve had adding distance with running.  He [...]

A little pick me up from a friend!

In addition to being an engineering consultant I also make jewelry. For many of my designs I buy handmade glass beads from artists around the world. I recently bought some beautiful glass rosebuds from one of my favorite glass artists and she tucked a cute little boot into my order! I joked [...]

Week #22 - things are slowing down …

Well the days of seeing weekly improvement seem to be gone. I added one lap to my run today and the achilles wasn’t happy. Tweaked it a little balancing on the bosu ball 2 days ago (even though I’ve been doing that for weeks with no problem!). I have serious doubts that [...]

Week #20 (5 months)!

I had another PT appointment today. Now I get to work on jumping on one leg and jumping up/down on an elevated surface with 2 legs. My gluteus medius is stronger now but I’ll continue those exercises since my body has a tendency to slip back into bad habits where I don’t use [...]