Week 18 - PT #3

I had another PT appointment today. I get to do jumps now - woohoo! More butt exercises too since I told him my IT band was bugging me. He did some more strength and exercise checks and said I went back to old habits of using my back/quads instead of my glutes. And he gave me some running assignments - ugh! I didn’t even do much of my allowed 10 minutes over the last 3 weeks - LOL! I don’t like to run just to run. Guess I better show up at the soccer field to run on the sidelines - at least I’ll feel like I’m getting ready for soccer instead of just running - HA! And he said I can kick the ball around - gently :) I’m up to 8 tiptoe calf raises pretty easily and I can do 10 if I rest after the first 8. So - getting better! I didn’t think I would be at 10 consecutive calf raises today - but I’m closer than I thought I would be! And he said my flexibility is almost the same in both feet. Not that that means I’m flexible - I need to work on flexibility for both feet since the left one is pretty tight too.

And since my Saturday team plays at noon tomorrow I think that would be a fine time to go get my 1/4 mile in, do a little ball dribbling and visit with the gals! It will be weird to be back in cleats and with no gel pad sleeve on my right foot!

This time I go back in 2 weeks to see how my butt work is going since I slipped back into bad habits between the last 2 PT sessions :)

Let’s see - what else??? Ah - I can do the stair heel drops now which both feet need in order to improve my dorsiflexion range. And I’m to continue the calf raises until doing it with my right foot is as easy as doing it with my left foot. And I asked if the bulge I keep seeing in front of my ankle is swelling. Sure enough it is. He said I’ll get the periodically - it’s just part of the healing process.

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  1. I did my running today :) And my achilles knows it. Didn’t do my jumping exercises since my achilles was telling me not to annoy it any further.

  2. Sounds like you’re really doing well. I told my PT a few weeks ago that I keep seeing people running and it makes me want to run. She asked me if I’m a runner. I said, no, I hate running!! It’s one of those “I can’t do it so I want to do it” kind of things!! Right now I’d settle for pain free walking for even a short distance. But maybe one day I’ll run again. (I did used to run, but always kind of hated it!!).

  3. I hate running too Shell! LOL! I love it when I’m playing soccer - but running just to run - ugh! I ran on the treadmill today - I think I’ll stick with the park. It is even more boring on the treadmill. Plus I can bring a ball to the park and do some easy dribbling as I plod around. I don’t quite see that I’ll be ready to add 1/4 mile in 2 days. If not well I’ll bump up the running time/distance as my foot tells me I can.

    I do hope you get to pain free walking soon!

  4. Went to see my PT today since he said I shouldn’t have back pain after doing the jumps when I emailed him about it. I get the same pain when I do my weight lifting class. He gave me some things to try but they didn’t seem to help during my weight lifting class tonight. I’ll see if they help when I do my jumping next. He also said to cut back on the running since any achilles pain should last no longer than an hour - if it is ready for running. So I’ll switch to jog 30sec - 1min and then fast walk and see how that does. For the back pain he gave me breathing exercises to work on using my diaphragm muscles along with my abs to stabilize my core. It is very hard to breathe in and push down - LOL! It will definitely take practice! The weird things you learn when you ask questions about strange pains.

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion my achilles can handle a very finite (and not very large) amount of pounding on it right now - LOL! I can do some running (30 seconds of running then enough walking to make it happy again, continuing for a mile) and then jumps. Today I did the running and then leg presses and on round 2 of the leg presses the achilles gave me some serious pain. Now the picture on the leg press machine doesn’t show that the achilles gets any exercise at all - HA! Yes it does!. So that put a stop to leg presses for the right leg :) for tonight. I tried to do my jumps and that won’t be happening tonight either. Well a gal has to learn her limitations - LOL! And my PT made it clear to stop if it hurts :)

    But one limitation that has gone away is one-footed calf raises (on my tiptoes). I can do 12 in a row now, standing tall. It still isn’t as easy as on the left foot - but I don’t have to lean on a counter for support. My PT said continue doing them until it is as easy on the right foot as the left foot. And now I’m doing toe raises down to heel drops on the stairs (eccentric achilles exercises). Those are supposed to be really good for strengthening the achilles/calf.

    Progress bit-by-bit with regular reminders that the achilles is not back to normal yet :)

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