Week 15 PT #2

Had my second PT appointment today. I get to stand on my toes now! LOL! However to do it slowly, on one foot and to max height without pain requires that I lean on a table right now for the right foot. The goal is to be able to do at least 10, standing straight in 3 weeks. That’s when my next PT appointment is. My PT guy also suggested I not try my allowed 10 minutes of jogging per day until I fully transition to flat shoes with no pain. That makes sense. I also get to do squats, lunges, continue with wall pushes and sitting on my heel stretches. He checked my flexibility compared to my left foot and said it’s a bit less - but not massively less. He did some stretches/pulls/… to make sure the issue is just muscle stiffness rather than joint stiffness. So I have some of the same exercises and some new exercises to do for the next 3 weeks until I see him again. After the PT visit I went to the gym and did the elliptical and rower with the lifts in. I then took them out and did my arm weight work and hip flexibility in just tennis shoes. I kept the lifts out as I finished up with leg presses (which I can do know), some calf presses, glute machine exercises and finally biking. I started to leave the gym in flat shoes but the achilles was complaining so I put the lifts back in. My PT concurred that slowly transitioning to flat is the right thing to do. Not that I needed his confirmation since my foot made it clear what I should do - LOL!

And I get to do one footed balancing! I love to do balancing exercises - LOL! I did it on the flat floor and that was too easy so I’ll try it on a pillow tonight. Once the pillow is easy I’ll use the bosu balls at the gym.

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Well I did the whole PT routine (except leg presses since I can only do those in the gym) and it REALLY works up a sweat! I knew things would get harder this month. :) I made it through 2 sets of 10 reps and have to work up to 4 sets of 20 reps over the next 3 weeks. Of course my left leg just laughed as I repeated the exercises on that leg.

    And I’ve been without lifts since I got home from the gym this evening. It’s getting easier every hour. :) Heck maybe I’ll be ready for my 10 minutes of daily jogging next week!

  2. I am very close to ditching the heel lifts for good so I decided to give jogging a try and see how it went. So I was fast walking on the treadmill at the gym for 10 minutes and jogged for the last 30 seconds. It felt OK and it still does. I’ll know for sure when I start doing my PT exercises tonight. I also tried balancing on a bosu ball - that ain’t going to happen any time soon. I’ll try again tomorrow at the gym with something handy to hang on to nearby so I can at least stay on one foot even if I’m not actually balancing. But - hey - little bits of progress add up in the long run.

  3. Sounds like major leaps and bounds of progress to me! You’re 5 weeks ahead of me, but there’s NO WAY I’ll be doing those things in 5 weeks. Although, I’ve never had heel lifts, so I’m already walking without those!!
    I have a hard time with the balancing too. I find the side to side movement much harder than the front to back. I worry about spraining my ankle just walking across the lawn! So I either go super slowly and carefully, or I just stay on flat ground and don’t go out there.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks Shell! I still find it amazing how different all the doctors are in the recovery protocol. I know the heel lifts were to keep from pulling on the achilles too much since it was getting more flexion when I was OK’d for shoes. I think mine just erred on the safe said to make sure everything was well attached before it started getting a lot more stress. It is certainly getting more stress now! The PT exercises are kicking my butt - and literally too. He’s got me side stepping with a band around my knees and it’s definitely making my butt muscles work! Things around the achilles are a little sore tonight - so I may not be quite ready to ditch the heel lifts - LOL! Haven’t done my PT exercises yet - but that’s next on the agenda.

    I sure hope all things heal and strengthen for you this time around. You have a lot of work ahead of you with all that your poor foot has been through in the last several years! Take it easy but keep at it! :)

  5. Today I walked out the door in my crocs and started getting things ready to walk the dogs and realized I was in my crocs and not my tennies with shoe lifts. Everything felt fine so I just walked the dogs in my crocs. I had a little bit of pain at the end of the walk so I just slowed down and took smaller steps and that made things feel better. So I think I can finally ditch the heel lifts. I’ll wait until I make it through the whole day before I add them to my “retired” list. :)

    And yesterday I rode a real bike for the first time. No problems at all with that. I probably rode about 12 miles total - went to the bank, then the post office and then home. I may try a spin class at the gym - need some way to get more cardio exercise.

    Bit by bit we make progress in this long healing process :)

  6. How do I upate my blog? I created a profile, but I don’t know how to get started. Can you guide me? Thank you!

  7. @julie1071 - follow the directions on the main page - 3rd paragraph. It might take a few days for Dennis to get your page initiated - he does this as a favor to all of us going through this as he did. :)

  8. Thank you so much!

  9. Jogged for 2.5 minutes today at the gym and the foot feels OK. I figure I’ll slowly work my way up to my 10 minutes of allowed jogging time. The rest of me is definitely out of jogging shape - LOL! Did most of my PT exercises while I was there too since I wanted to do the balance exercises on the bosu ball. Will finish off the last of them before I hit the shower then I’m done with those for the day - yay!

  10. How did the balance on the bosu go? I’m just starting to work up to balance on a pillow, or on the flat floor with my eyes closed. Pretty pleased I can stand on one foot on flat ground, eyes open for about 20 seconds now!
    Congrats on the 2.5 minutes of jogging. I bet it felt great to get those muscles going again.
    I worked all day, and despite my best efforts to stay off my feet as much as possible, my ankle is telling me I didn’t as much as I should have. Got my foot up above my heart on my nice gushy pillow now for the evening. It’s breathing a sigh of relief!!!

  11. Hi Shell! Well I can’t balance for the full 30 seconds yet - on either leg - LOL! That’s great that you’re up to 20 seconds now! I’ll keep working on that and the closed eyes method - can’t do that for very long either - but couldn’t do it very long before surgery. Let’s just say my body knows it hasn’t run in 5 months - LOL! I’ll keep adding minutes when I can. Now that hubby is back from his trip he can walk the dogs which means I can do more at the gym. When he’s gone I just don’t have the achilles strength to walk the dogs and do a lot of walking/running/elliptical oriented exercises at the gym. And the dogs INSIST that they get out on their walk every day.

    I feel your pain! LOL! Was there Thursday night. Did a whole lot of not much on my feet yesterday since I overdid it on Thursday. Give that foot and you a rest!

  12. I have some catching up to do on this one leg balancing thing! It’s amazing how difficult it is…you’d think I’d stop being surprised at all of the ways this has affected my movement.

  13. Try it with your eyes closed - on your good leg - LOL! That is REALLY hard. We used to do it as a balance exercise at the soccer training center exercise classes. I’m doing fine on the foam balance thing I made for myself since the pillow was no challenge so when I can’t get to the gym to use the bosu ball I’m doing it with eyes closed now. I do both legs since they both need the practice.

  14. Well - I’m quite surprised that I might actually get to do some 1 footed calf raises standing tall before my next PT appt. I’m fairly upright now - not totally standing unaided, but putting much less weight in my arms. I don’t know that I’ll be able to 10, but things are strengthening up faster than I felt they would. And giving myself a rest day when the achilles is sore seems to help. So - if you have days where things hurt and you just don’t want to do your PT - don’t. Your foot is probably telling you something :) I do still try to do less stressful exercises on those rest days, as long as those don’t make it hurt too.

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