Testing out the world of no shoe lifts

I decided to do a test run in flat shoes this evening before my PT appointment tomorrow. I was in my crocs for about 4 hours and maybe an hour of being upright (as opposed to at a desk) and my achilles let me know it wanted to get lifted again - LOL! So I’m back in my “high heel” clogs for the rest of the evening. I decided I’ll transition to no shoe lifts slowly to let the foot parts get used to the new position. I thought that with the stretches I was doing and the fact that the felt lifts were compressing my achilles wouldn’t even notice the change - but it did. I even had to focus on walking properly again! If I didn’t my foot wanted to come out of the flex earlier in the step than it should. Just another bump on the road to normality.

And I thought I would be adding those lifts to the retired list! Not quite yet.

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